4 Incredible Ways Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements Have Changed My Life

I have been using omega 3 fish oil supplements for several years. During this time I have noticed how my health has changed for the better. In the beginning, I noticed the biggest health benefits.

Researchers today believe that the majority of people may be deficient in EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA are the two fatty acids that can be found in fatty fish. The human brain alone is comprised of 30% DHA, so it is very important for your mental and physical health.

With all that said, let’s look at the four incredible health benefits that I have experienced from taking omega 3 fish oil supplements daily.

#1 – Energy

This was the most noticeable effect. When I started taking omega-3 fish oil supplements, I immediately noticed a lot more energy and vitality.

I am assuming that this happened because my body was starving for essential fatty acids. The human body requires a lot of different nutrients, so we have to help provide them from the best natural sources.

#2 – Sleep

I’ve always been a light sleeper, but omega 3 fish oil supplements have helped me sleep deeper and wake up more nourished.

It has been proven that omega-3 fats help your brain function better, which can lead to a lot of different health benefits, one of them being better and deeper sleep.

#3 – Happiness

I have always considered myself to be a happy individual. When I started taking omega 3 fish oil supplements I did not notice this right away.

After about two or three weeks I started noticing that I was happier and more content with life. I would imagine that no one would say no to increased happiness?

#4 – Soreness

I work out a lot, so my body is under constant pressure to become stronger and more resilient. Omega 3 fish oil supplements have been proven to be highly anti-inflammatory.

This means that after your workouts, there will be less inflammation and less soreness, which means that you can work out the next day without any problems.

Source by Henri K. Junttila

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