9/52 Nick`s Eye Catching the Unexpected

So there is this week`s challenge "Catch."
I used to be real good at these frisbees (and tennisballs.) Catching like "a Border Collie," throwing myself around, twisting and turning in the air to fetch. I could manage series of huge amounts. Now I am 14 turning 14 1/5 next month, and I am still catching, but doing it with some wisdom to take it more slowly.
When I was young, age 2 1/5, I had a prolaps in my (L7) back. I had a big operation, and the back has been working perfectly fine after that. I have been doing a lot of training though, to keep the muscles fit to help support my spine: playing with my brother, going in water-walks, swimming, digging, climbing. Every week I have massage, and I have a good chiropractor and get acupuncture. And I get glucosamine with chondroitin sulfate and salmon-oil every day.
In my life there is too many interesting things going on at the same time, some times. Like when I make pooh and a cat is passing by, for example. What to do then? Then I have a great dilemma. Or, I am to catch the frisbee and then, the unexpected is happening in front of my eyes and I have to figure out: what is going on…

I wish you all an adventurous week.


Posted by Eline Lyng on 2016-02-28 13:16:06

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