Align (84 ct.) (Pack of 6)

Price: $490.28
(as of May 11,2021 19:33:26 UTC – Details)

Get 24/7 Digestive Support with Align! Align is a daily probiotic supplement that helps: fortify your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7 with continued daily use, maintain digestive balance, and promote and support a healthy digestive system. Also, Align is the #1 Gastroenterologist recommended and #1 Doctor recommended probiotic supplement. Common issues such as diet, changes in routine, travel, and stress may disrupt your natural balance of good bacteria.

24/7 Digestive Balance with continued daily use
Naturally Helps promote and support a health digestive system
Contains the natural probiotic strain B. infantis 35624, a unique probiotic strain offered by no other product, including store brands.
Daily probiotic supplement

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