ATP Creatine Serum Pre-Workout Muscle Fuel with Amino Energy. Instant Absorption. High Energy Boost. Speeds Up Lean Muscle Growth, Increases Strength + Endurance, No Loading & No Water Retention

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You’re working at your maximum intensity — training harder, lifting more. And you’re on a personal quest for even more: more strength, bigger muscles, better results. You know you have to work out harder and recover faster to get where you want to be. There must be a way to safely unlock untapped power and ask your body for more. Get ready to bring your Bring your “A” game to every workout fueled by ATP Creatine Serum — a pre-workout supplement for bodybuilding that delivers strength and endurance day in, day out. Power up, train hard and recover quickly while protecting your bones and joints from wear and tear. ATP Creatine Serum takes just minutes to assimilate in the bloodstream, ensuring unsurpassed focus, power and stamina every time you need it. ATP Creatine Serum is engineered to amp up your critical ATP production, delaying lactic acid buildup to deliver unprecedented energy and stamina on demand. Quickly build lean muscles, support bone strength and maintain healthy joints thanks to glucosamine sulfate and powerful amino acids. Meanwhile, keep your energy and focus sharp over the long haul fueled by guarana and other energy-boosting herbs. Invented in 1995, MMUSA sports nutrition serums are safe, stable and bioavailable liquid creatine pre-workout supplements. Get the edge you need with the fast-acting benefits of liquid supplements that go straight into your bloodstream and allow your body to absorb 98% of their nutrients. Take one delicious, fruit-flavored microdose under your tongue before you train to dramatically boost your workout with 2 to 3 hours of energy and no side effects.

EXPLOSIVE ENERGY SOURCE: Fortified with energy boosters, this powerful formula helps muscle cells produce more energy to get you lean and improve your exercise performance at peak.
RAPID RECOVERY: Defeats lactic acid and fatigue so you can get back in track sooner and better
BIOAVAILABLE AND POTENT: Liquid form. No breakdown, water-soluble, bioavailable, potent, absorbable and stable
100% SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Small 5 ML dose only minutes before workout. No loading or maintenance needed. No water retention, bloating, cramps or digestive discomfort
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