breakfast 7

two nests of oats mixed with carob powder, sultanas, pineapple and ginger sauce, raspberry chia sauce, dates, clementines, chocolate and dessicated coconut all with an added serving of clementines, raspberry chia sauce and chocolate

portion taken from ‘oats and carob’

carob powder
dessicated coconut
pineapple and ginger sauce
raspberry chia sauce
how to make jam/sauce with any fruit using chia seeds
(scroll down to the bottom of the link to view the recipe)…

health benefits of chia seeds…
chia seeds 2 tablespoons 4.7 grams of protein
chia seeds no gluten
chia seeds no cholesterol
chia seeds a source of minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, manganese, zinc and copper

ps i’m not recommending any of these cookery adventures. they suit my personal taste. photographing to encourage myself to eat more healthily …

i’ve created a new group to gather ideas and encourage myself to continue with healthy eating by learning from others if you’re interested in cooking, sometimes or a lot, or enjoy the cooking of others, you’re always welcome …

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