Children of Siam Reap

I’ve decided to compile a mosaic of street photos of children of Siam Reap.
Some of them have been featured in my previous upload, some of them may appear in my future upload 🙂

Children of Cambodia certainly faces more hardship as cambodia is still undeveloped but by and large I found them to be resilient and optimistic…. Here’s wishing the best for them all…

and one little tip for those that is considering to visit cambodia… do not give those children sweets even if they had asked for it… those poor children do not have proper dental care and some of them have decayed tooth from eating too much sweets from tourist…. Bring them chewable vitamins C or multivitamins or chewable children’s formula calcium pills if you can 🙂

Posted by Ryan&Remus on 2010-03-21 14:05:06

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