Custom shaped molded PVC Power Bank

Power Bank FAQ

A Power Bank serves as an âextra batteryâ or external charger for your phone or other electronic devices. It comes in handy in emergencies or whenever your USB device runs out of battery power.
The most common way you can charge your Power Bank is via your computers usb port.
Itâs depends on the capacity of the Power Bank. The larger the capacity (measured as aMh milliamp hours), the longer charging time required. Different charging methods may result in different charging time as well.
mAh means milli Ampere Hour, the capacity of the power bank is measured in mAhâs! A low capacity Power Bank would be a 2000 mAh while currently, high capacity Power Banks range above 20,000 mAhâs. The Best bag for your buck is a Power Bank in the 5000- 7000 aMh range.
Thatâs kind of like saying how many people can fit in a car?. A big car (Cadillac Escalade) can hold 10 small people (kids) and a small car (VW Beetle) can only hold 2 Very Large People. Each Power Bank has varying capacity (ie how many aMHâs) and each phone or device has a differing size of battery (ie a cell phone takes less Juice to power up than an I-Phone) However, a simple way to look at this is a 12000mAh Power Bank should be able to charge a 1500mAh capacity cell phone about 8 times.
An 18650 is a Samsung designation. This type of battery holds the charge longer, is more stable and more reliable than a Li-Polymer Power Bank. All of our Power Banks are 18650 unless specifically stated otherwise.

What Power Bank is suitable for you?
Milliamps often interchanged with Milliamp Hours, or mAh, is used to describe the amount of charge a battery will hold.
Amp Output , abbreviated as "A", determines how fast your powerbank will charge. For example, a powerbank with .5A output will charge your mobile device slower than one with 1A output. Some larger devices such as a tablet can only be practically charged with a powerbank with a 1A output.
2200mAh – Standard powerbank capacity. A powerbank with a 2200mAh capacity will comfortably charge a standard mobile phone. Smartphones and tablets won’t be fully charged.
2600mAh – Standard powerbank capacity. A powerbank with a 2600mAh capacity will fully charge most new phones, such as the Samsung and iPhone5 mobile devices. They will comfortably charge tablets, albeit not to capacity.
4400mAh + – Plus sized powerbank capacity. A powerbank with a 4400mAh capacity willl have enough power to charge most tablets. Powerbanks rated at 4400mAh will typically be larger in size, due to additional battery cells.
8800mAh + – Plus sized powerbank capacity. A powerbank with a 8800mAh capacity willl have enough power to simultaneously charge two mobile devices. Powerbanks rated at 4400mAh will typically be larger in size, due to additional battery cells.These powerbanks will also come standard with a 1A output.

On all of our Power Banks we can silk screen-print your companyâs logo in up to 3 colors. On some of our style we can also laser engrave your logo as the casing for that particular style is metal. Check each style to insure which can be done.
To have us logo your Power Banks simply send us your logo in an AI (Adobe Illustrator) or EPS file. Also a vectorized (editable) PDF will also work.
Simply send us your logo to
Once we have your logo and order we will send you a virtual proof for your approval. Once the approval is done it takes about 7-10 days for delivery of your Power Banks to your location.
Send us your design or logo with spot colors and ensure that your company colors are represented accurately. USB Promos will match Pantone colors, as well as Trumatch or other CMYK premixed inks. All monitors are not created (or calibrated) equally, but your spot color will be reproduced per your color matching system, so there are no surprises.
Use our Pantone color chart for reference. For accuracy, please consult your Pantone color guides. Because of differences in monitor color rendering, We cannot guarantee that our color chart will exactly match the Pantone colors in your design. Please note that Pantone colors are generally matched to a white background casing or substrate color. If you are printing on a background other than white, please inform your sales rep that this is the case, because some adjustments might need to be made. Also, make sure that all vector art supplied has knockouts for different layers in the screens, as to avoid overlapping screened colours as this can affect color appearance as well

Decoration Options

Screen Print/Pad Print:
Screen printing, previously known as silk-screening is a printing technique that traditionally creates a sharp-edged image using a stencil and a porous fabric. The screen is made from porous finely woven fabric held over a frame. Areas of the screen are obscured with a non-permeable stencil which is a positive of the image to be printed (the remaining open areas are where the ink will appear). When printing multi-color logos, a new stencil is made for each color and the different colors printed sequentially. Screen printing is most suitable for logos with 1-4 colors that have no shading or color gradation.
CMYK Full Color Photo Print:
Photo printing is similar to standard desktop printing in that logos can be reproduced in full color by combining 4 colors known as CMYK in varying amounts. Photo printing is the best choice for logos with many colors or those with shading or gradation.

Laser Etch:
This permanent marking process involves using a fiber or CO2 laser to etch your design on the surface of the USB drive. This process exposes the underlying substrate of the material if it is painted or anodized, or if it is a raw material, vaporizes a thin layer of the substrate to make a different color. It is necessary to use vector art for this process, as we cannot laser etch any gradients, halftones or colors. Keep in mind that the underlying substrate of painted drives might be brass, zinc, aluminum, steel, or plastic. These different substrates each have a unique color and will be exposed when etching painted drives. If laser etching a wooden drive, the laser will burn the wood a darker color as the temperature of the laser site exceeds the flash point of the wood.

Hot Stamp:
Hot stamping is a debossing process that is used to imprint leather or wood drives. First, a positive die is machined from your vector artwork. This die is then heated and pressed into the surface of the drive. The artwork is then permanently reliefed into the surface of the drive. This process has a fair amount of dimension in it, so small details might not be accurately transferred to the surface of the drive. As with laser etching, the hot stamping process will burn the wood or leather a darker color as the temperature of the die exceeds the flash point of the material.

Extruded Detail on PVC:
When creating a custom PVC drive, all details are extruded off of the surface of the drive. These details can be the same color as the base color of the drive, or poured as a different color. These details are hand applied, so there may be slight variation between two drives of the same batch. Some restrictions to keep in mind- details cannot be extruded taller than they are thick, details cannot be less than 0.25mm wide, and details cannot be less than 0.25mm apart. This is due to the machining limitations in creating the mould. Also, due to the hand made nature of these drives, we can only produce a custom PVC drive with 7 colors or less.

Epoxy Dome:
This applique features a digital full color print underneath an epoxy domed coating. First a die is created to the shape of your artwork, which is then used to cut a vinyl full color print to shape. A optically transparent epoxy is poured over the decal and allowed to harden, protecting the artwork from scratches or scuffs. This type of decal is only suitable for application to flat surfaces.

Vinyl Decal:
This applique is perfect for simulating a printed label on PVC USB drives. Your full color art is printed directly onto a vinyl sticker and die cut to size. As this label is made from flexible vinyl, it is possible to wrap it around cylindrical shapes.

We ship directly from our factory in China to you. We ship UPS or FedEx direct. Shipping is extra and is quoted separately on each order.
Pricing Policy
Our minimum order for Power Banks is 100 units. We do not sell single units. We work on a small margin so we quote the price of the Power Bank and decoration in the following ways, 100-249 units, 250-499 units and 500 plus QUR. QUR or Quote upon request simply means that on all orders of 500 or more units we like to work directly with our clients and the factory to achieve the best possible price to meet their needs and as such each order is quoted individually.
We accept MC/Visa and company check. We can also arrange interbank transfers. Canadian orders are more than welcome and the only price difference is the rate of exchange on the day of order confirmation

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