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Hello you lovely people! (.❛ ᴗ ❛.)♡

I am so very excited to be blogging for Dura and their new hair for TMD today. The next round will starth on the 5th and they really excelled themselves this time! It comes in two different styles – also a mirrored version is available. I hope you guys enjoy this blog post! Have a wonderful time ~ ♡

– Credits –

Hair: Dura – U93 Soon! @TMD
Mask: *::who what::* – kitsune men – white
Eyes: Clemmm – Devoid Eyes Gray
Necklace: Clemmm – Clingy Stringy Choker
Nosebleed: Clemmm – Nosebleed
Jacket: [Gild] – Militaric @Hipster Men
Prosthetic Arm: [ContraptioN] Compass Hideout – SK3LET0 Series
Rings: [ContraptioN] – Desideratus Rings
Septum: -[TWC]- – Gear Septum Gold
Piercings: -Maru Kado- – Body Piercing
Lip Piercing: Little Fish – Ezili Lip Ring Set
Face chain: +HILU+ – IKIGARI FACE CHAIN @Neo Japan
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ – Pixie Ears

Torii: Boon – Myojin Torii Stone
Path: vespertine – garden pebble pathway
Shrine: Boon – Hokora gohaigu
Cat statue: -Maru Kado- – Koma-neko2
Sakura tree: 8f8 – Single Young Sakura PINK with Beads
Black flowers: *::who what::* – koume PendantLight

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