Elestee – I Pray [4Season Release]

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Elestee – I Pray [4Season Release]
Hey everyone, we finally changed our label’s name from NoCopyrightNation to 4season Records. Enjoy our new releases

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Genre: #DownTempo


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Track: Elestee – I Pray [4Season Release]
Music Provided by 4Season Records
Watch: https://youtu.be/UXaRWc32oSw
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āœļø Lyrics:
When it comes into my mind
Dragging me down into dark
finding place to rest my mind

Open up all up the windows wide
Breathing in the chilling air
Let it fill up my vacant heart

All those days I felt like a mistake
1st: (All those days I felt like a mistake)
2nd : All those nights Iā€™m blessed by your embrace
All those memories flew away

Open up all the windows wide
Breathing in the chilling air
Let me pray to my dimming soul
Hear me

My lord
Please save me from this pain
Please get me out of this sorrow
Please bring me to your side

My lord
Please save them from my pain
Please let them free from my sorrow
Let the sadness be a moment
A moment

Ā© 2019 4Season Records

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