Image from page 164 of “The olive fairy book” (1907)

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Identifier: olivefairybook00lang
Title: The olive fairy book
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Authors: Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912 Ford, H. J. (Henry Justice), 1860-1941, ill
Subjects: Fairy tales Folklore
Publisher: London New York : Longmans, Green
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
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ily, a great cockchafer, who was buzzing overthe river, happened to catch sight of her, and caughther up in his claws. The poor butterfly was terriblyfrightened at the sight of him, and he struggled hard tofree himself, so that the sash bow gave way, and he flewoff into the sunshine. But Maia wasnt so fortunate,and though the cockchafer collected honey from theflowers for her dinner, and told her several times howpretty she was, she could not feel at ease with him.The cockchafer noticed this, and summoned his sisters STRANGE ADVENTURES OF LITTLE MAIA 135 to play with her; but they only stared rudely, andsaid : Where did you pick up that strange object ? Sheis very ugly to be sure, but one ought to pity her for shehas only two legs. Yes, and no feelers, added another ; and she is sothin! Well, our brother has certainly very odd taste ! Indeed he has! echoed the others. And theyrepeated it so loud and so often that, in the end, hebelieved it too, and snatching her up from the tree where

Text Appearing After Image:
he had placed her, set her down upon a daisy whichgrew near the ground. Here Maia stayed for the whole summer, and reallywas not at all unhappy. She ventured to walk about byherself, and wove herself a bed of some blades of grass,and placed it under a clover leaf for shelter. The redcups that grew in the moss held as much dew as shewanted, and the cockchafer had taught her how to gethoney. But summer does not last for ever, and by-and- 136 STRANGE ADVENTURES OF LITTLE MAIA by the flowers withered, and instead of dew there wassnow and ice. Maia did not know what to do, for herclothes were worn to rags, and though she tried to rollherself up in a dry leaf it broke under her fingers. Itsoon was plain to her that if she did not get some othershelter she would die of hunger and cold. So, gathering up all her courage, she left the forestand crossed the road into what had been, in the summer,a beautiful field of waving corn, but was now only amass of hard stalks. She wandered on, seeing noth

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