Kids Probiotics Chewable by Doctor MK’s®, Sugar Free, Tastes Like Candy, Natural Wild Berry Tablets, Vegetarian / Vegan

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A note from the founder , Dr. MK:

I started Doctor MK’s Natural when my patients started asking what supplements were safe to take.  It is hard to know this, as there are a lot of vitamins and supplements for sale.  I can assure you that each supplement is tested for not only purity, but also for safety and contamination.  I take pride in my line of supplements, and always choose both premium ingredients, and a state of the art manufacturer.  Doctor MK’s will always do it’s best to provide you with a name you can trust, and high quality products.

Be Well,  
Doctor MK

About this Childrens Probiotic:

About this Childrens Probiotic: 

10 strains of 2 billion CFUs  Compare to Name Brands Sugar free and Great Tasting  60 tablets 

More about probiotics for kids :

Probiotics have also been shown to halve the chance that a child on antibiotics will suffer diarrhea.  Among underweight and premature babies, probiotics can also reduce the risk of a potentially deadly intestinal condition called necrotizing enterocolitis.

Another condition that probiotics could help with is colic, which some researchers posit is tied to gastrointestinal problems. When researchers in a 2014 clinical trial gave 276 healthy newborns five drops (equivalent to 100 million bacterial cells) per day the babies cried about half as long each day and regurgitated fewer times than the 278 babies who weren’t given the drops. They also had fewer emergency room visits for colic-related issues. 

It makes sense that probiotics could help with tummy problems—the bugs set up shop in the gut, after all. But some research suggests that they could prevent respiratory infections in kids, too. A 2015 meta-analysis of 12 trials, seven of which focused on children, found that probiotics including Lactobacillus halved the risk of upper respiratory tract infections and reduced the number of children who would require antibiotics as a result of these infections by about one-third. Most of the kids enrolled in these studies went to daycare or child care centers, where infection risk is high. 

Allergic diseases are another promising but tricky area. According to the “hygiene hypothesis,” allergy, asthma, and autoimmune disease rates have been growing in developed countries in part because children are being exposed to fewer of the right kinds of good bacteria early in life. The shift in exposure is thought to be due to ongoing lifestyle and environmental changes: improved sanitation, reduced exposure to bacteria-carrying livestock, increases in cesarean-section rates, and antibiotic use, among other things. (Babies swallow microbes on their way out of the birth canal, an experience they don’t get when they are born surgically—although they may get some microbial exposure if mom’s membranes break before surgery, as often happens in emergency C-sections.) 

✅ COMPARE TO CULTURELLE FOR KIDS INGREDIENTS: 60 chewable probiotics for kids tablets with 2 billion CFU and 10 strains, including acidophilus similar to culterelle kids.
✅ SUGAR FREE, ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: 100% natural, vegan/vegetarian, gluten free, no additives or harmful chemicals. All products are tested for purity and contamination.
✅ BEST PROBIOTICS FOR KIDS: Probiotics for kids help regularity and keep the good bacteria in charge of your child’s gut—and support a healthy immune system.

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