Krill-Oil Part #2

[RP Pic] "I was heading to the Dark Times to see Leor about an article I’d planned to write about my recent stint in Detention and the situation that caused it, when I rounded the corner and happened upon Leor and a bunch of Cats and that Russian Mobsteress all watching a fight. it was Kirill (I call him Krill-Oil), that giant penis-pilot, using a hatchet going after a hooded woman with a knife. It turned out to be more complicated than that, but as soon as I saw him fighting with ANOTHER woman,all the rage of being fondle-fodder for the cops and the leftover anger from him busing my ribs all came out. The pic shows the Cats holding me down and being lectured by his female sidekick, Svitlana."

Posted by Josie Ryder RP on 2015-01-03 16:26:11

Tagged: , second life jade steeles midian city dystopian , gang , violent , fight , scifi , sex

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