Moringa (Asian) #5: FRUITS, FLOWERS & LEAVES (Bangla = সজনে ডাঁটা)

The Asian Drumstick or Horseradish Tree or Ben Oil Tree (Moringa oleifera) is found and used widely throughout all parts of Asia. This ancient tree has been called the ‘Tree of Life’ because of the usage of every part of the tree in almost all of the underdeveloped nations.

MORINGA = Latinized form of the Ceylonese vernacular name, Murunga
OLEIFERA = Oil-bearing

In the Philippines, it is known as "Mother’s Best Friend".

It is a common tree that thrives in both the desert and the living room and, produces leaves, pods, seeds and flowers that each do uncommon things. A seed or cut branch can grow into a 15-foot tree in a year.

It contains a full complement of minerals and all the amino acids of meat, has triple the iron of spinach and more impressive attributes than olive oil.

Ounce for ounce, it has the;
Calcium of 4(four) glasses of milk,
Vitamin C of 7(seven) oranges and
Potassium of 3(three) bananas.

3(three) spoonfuls of its leaf powder contain the following for a typical toddler’s daily requirement;

272% of the Vitamin A,
42% of the Protein,
25% of the Calcium,
71% of the Iron, and
22% of the Vitamin C.
The National Science Foundation, The National Geographic Society and The Andrew Mellon Foundation have financed attempts to collect the world’s 13 (thirteen) Moringa species.

Phytotherapy Research and HortScience have found different Moringa parts to be effective in lowering blood sugar, reducing swelling,healing gastric ulcers, lowering blood pressure and even calming the nervous system.

The Betheda, MD-based International Eye Foundation is using Moringa in Malawi in Africa because it’s loaded with Vitamin A, the lack of which causes 70% of childhood blindness.

Wichita, Kansas-based "Trees for Life", which has been planting fruit-bearing trees in impoverished nations since 1984, is running Moringa cultivation programs in India after convincing a town of 40,000 to make the tree a structured part of the local diet.

Britain’s University of Leicester is studying the coagulating properties of the seeds in those tasty Moringa pods, which researchers believe work better than the common water purifier Aluminum Sulfate, which can be toxic.

Hospitalized for prostate surgery in December, 1999, former U.N.Ambassador and ex-Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young requested people not to send flowers, but to buy Moringa seedlings for the malnourished.
Following are the names of the Moringa in all the Asian countries;

INDIA – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
SANSKRIT: Sobhan jana.
GUJARATI: Suragavo.
HINDI: Munagaa, Muruggai, Sahijan, Sanjna, Shajmah, Shajna, Segra.
MALAYALAM: Moringa, Muringa, Sigru.
TAMIL: Murungai.
TELUGU: Sajana.

BURMESE: Dandalonbin, Dan da lun.
KHMER: Daem mrom.
MALAY: Kelor, Kalor (Indonesia).
SINHALESE: Murunga (bean/pod), Murunga kolle (leaves).
TAGALOG: Malungai, Malunggay talbos, Mulangai, Mulangay.
THAI: Ka naeng doing / Ma khon kom / Ma rum (bean/pod) / Phak i huem / Phak i hum / Phak nuea kai / Phak ma rum (leaves)
VIETNAMESE: Chùm ngây.
3 young fruits (seed pods), flowers and leaves.
Moringa oleifera
Family Oleiferaceae
Roadside Market, Baguiati, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India.

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