PMD Sports CR5 Professional Creatine Complex – Improved Recovery, Reduce Soreness, Lean Muscle Mass Gainer – Power 5 Creatine Blend for Strength, Endurance, and Recovery (240 Creatine Capsules)

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Product Description

Five highly absorbable forms of creatineFive highly absorbable forms of creatine

Drives increases in strength and lean muscle massDrives increases in strength and lean muscle mass

Improve between set and overall recovery from trainingImprove between set and overall recovery from training

Convenient, easy to swallow, fast-absorbing capsulesConvenient, easy to swallow, fast-absorbing capsules

Drives increases in strength and lean muscle massDrives increases in strength and lean muscle mass


Lean Mass

Fat Loss


Health & Wellness


Muscle Pump

Enhanced Endurance: Betaine Anhydrous was included in the CR5 formula to support and enhance endurance. Betaine Anhydrous is a compound derived from the amino acid choline and is naturally-occurring in plant species. This compound has a multitude of benefits for performance, including: increased power output, increased capacity to perform anaerobic work, increased energy levels, and promotes cellular hydration.
Maximum Recovery: The benefits of using this formulated creatine results in an ideal setting for restoring your body’s energy stores and enhancing quicker muscle recovery post-workout. Reduce muscle damage during your physical conditioning program and accelerate energy to keep your response levels high and body in a prime state. All elements for a high voltage workout.
Energy Boost: The Dicreatine Malate found in CR5 is a highly soluble creatine salt, and it provides a greater increase in creatine bioavailability over regular creatine monohydrate. The dicreatine malate binds to malic acid, which offers greater ATP production and thus more energy. The increased energy allows you to get the most from a workout. Boost your natural energy for a greater, more intense workout.
Build Lean Muscle: Creatine and magnesium both play roles in part of the process that creates ATP in the body. Supplementing creatine increases the amount of creatine in muscles that are available for the ATP process. Magnesium acts to catalyze this reaction. Also, by binding creatine to magnesium, it is less susceptible to breakdown in the stomach to creatinine, leaving more creatine for uptake into the body.

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