Pre-Workout Habits You Should Follow

You’ve decided to start a daily exercise program. You enrolled in a six-month long program but can’t seem to drag yourself to the gym after one or two weeks. This is a common problem for those who are just starting out living a healthier lifestyle. Here are some tips that you should try to follow so you can go through your fitness program without a problem. Make a habit out of it.

Food intake prior to working out should be three to four hours before. This will give you much needed energy to do those repetitions. Exercising on a full stomach will surely lead to stomach cramps. Be mindful of what you eat. Fit people always eat for the benefit of their body. Is your food going to help you get strong and lean or not? Think about it. Control your eating pattern. Eat a well-balanced meal every time. You should cover the whole food spectrum: carbs, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. If you’re not drinking a protein shake prior to exercise, make sure you get a lot of protein in your meal.

If you came from a busy day and you’re just tired physically and mentally, taking pre-workout supplements will do just the thing for you. Or if you haven’t eaten anything in the past six hours, taking supplements is a good idea. They boost your energy up making you more confident to finish your routine. They wake you up, keep you alert and help build your muscles. There’s protein in them to promote muscle build up while you train. Take pre-workout supplements 30 minutes prior to training. Jack3d is a popular choice in pre-workout supplements. Make sure you check the label for the ingredients. You might be allergic to some type of protein.

Find Your Motivation
You should not think of exercise as a chore. Change your perspective. Always carry a mental image of a lean, fit and healthy you. Go to a gym with a beautiful view or go jogging somewhere scenic. Inspire yourself to make working out a daily routine. Schedule your time well, leave 30 minutes or an hour free for gym time. Do the type of exercise that you enjoy. There are all sorts of fun, high-intensity workouts out there. You can join a group exercise once in a while like yoga or group cycling or Zumba. Take your pick. Make it fun and enjoy yourself.

Before you go and do those reps, clear your mind of all the stress that happened during the day or the day before. Keep your focus. If you don’t, you will lose your motivation. Take five minutes or ten or however long you want to just sit down and think about nothing. It can be hard at first but it can be overcome. Practice will make you better.

This is like a standard operating procedure in any fitness activity you do. Stretch your skeletal muscles and condition those big muscle groups before training. This will lessen muscle fatigue afterwards especially if you’ve spent all day sitting at a desk or you’ve just woken up. Yoga is a good stretching exercise you can do before hitting the weights.

There are a lot more habits that healthy people do but these are the most basic that you should keep in mind. Just remember to compliment your workout with healthy food and nutrients and you should be good.

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