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As the end of another year draws near I’m in a reflective mood….as I sit at my desk in the office helping contribute to getting Brexit done…… on Christmas Eve. It’s quiet here because most other buggers have got a holiday, but someone has to try to keep the country moving and the world turning.

I would have liked to have a fresh Christmassy photo, but looking back at this shot from two years ago I realise things haven’t been quite the same. Being by the tree, with baubles, snow on the mountains and a pretty sky…………the same mix of factors hasn’t occurred again. It was a one off. (Even the tree has lost a branch since then). And that makes me think of things that were, but are no longer. I still smile, but not at the same things. And I wish I did. The lesson is that you must make the most of things while you have them. Once they are gone, they can be gone forever.

So, it’s our Christmas day tomorrow with family. Too often the commercialisation and consumption aspect of it has tainted Christmas for me and I’m almost relieved to put it behind me. But I realise now I shouldn’t. There is no time like now and tomorrow I want to focus on making Christmas memorable for everyone else. I shall make sure I smile all day! Merry Christmas everyone!

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