I love how Zooie’s ear sticks up sometimes when he’s laying down. I think it’s so cute.

My sweet Doberman has been on house rest for the last week and a half. He had been limping and favoring his left foreleg so we went to the vet. He had been on a NSAID a month before for the same problem. It seemed to resolve but then flared up worse than ever. There is a small amount of swelling in his left shoulder. Because the problem reoccured, we opted to do a radiograph. It wasn’t the sharpest image but my vet feels it looks like Zooie has a little arthritis in the shoulder joint. He’s on a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement already and he’s back on the NSAID (Prevacox). We are trying to keep my 8 year boy quiet so he can heal. He’s a pretty calm Dobe but he still likes to play. The spring weather has been beautiful and I hate that Zooie and I can’t go on our daily walks. He hates it too when I walk out the door without him. When he was diagnosed with cancer almost two years ago I promised myself I would take him for a walk every nice day because he loves it so much. I hate I’ve had to break my promise. I hope he heals up soon.

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