Somewhere in Istria. In Explore Feb 5, 2021 #245

Just a little place I discovered while visiting the countryside around Pula, Croatia – 2019

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For my friends and visitors in the UK, I have started a Petition and would be grateful if you can support it please.

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My petition:

That the Bank of England does not reduce interest rates to, or below 0%.

To help millions who have suffered under Covid restrictions, and ensure that what saving the citizens of the UK have, are given a fair opportunity of earning plus interest in the UK Finance sector. Supported by the FSCS scheme. Meaning the Bank of England act to keep interest above zero percent.

As a result of 2021/22 budget plan,local authorities can raise local council tax by 5-6%. If that is coupled with a % cut of interest rates to 0 or negative % for all savers, then the citizens of the United Kingdom face zero interest or negative interest and a steep increase in their council tax. So Parliament must act to protect the millions of savers who stand to lose value in their hard earned savings. Parliament must ensure the Bank of England keeps interest rates in positive numbers.

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