Strong Organic Maca Capsules, Black, Yellow & Red Root w/ Black Pepper Extract for Absorption, Roots Grown in Peru, Peruvian Powder, Men & Women Supplement, 60,000 mg

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Product Description

Maca Root CapsulesMaca Root Capsules

Maca+ is a Strong Combination of Red, Yellow and Black Maca with Black Pepper Extract

Thousands of Maju Superfoods customers have requested that we release a Maca capsule blend, so we combined red, yellow and black maca from Peru with Black Pepper Extract to create a maca supplement that will knock your socks off.

Maca+ is a diverse spread of maca from three different varieties of the plant, as well as a small amount of piperine to aid with absorption. The piperine will help your body utilize the maca and take advantage of the various benefits.

Why Maca+?

Sexual Wellness & Drive*


Maca Capsules Red Yellow Black OrganicMaca Capsules Red Yellow Black Organic

libido enhancer men women

libido enhancer men women

Sexual wellness pills capsules

Sexual wellness pills capsules

Maju Superfoods maca plus

Maju Superfoods maca plus

Sustainably Sourced From Family Famers

Maju’s Maca+ combines the purest most potent maca into an easy to use daily pill (vegetarian capsule) form. Just four simple ingredients sourced from family farms in Peru with absolutely no fillers or additional ingredients.

Red Maca;
Yellow Maca;
Black Maca; and
Black Pepper extract

Energy, Stamina, Hormone Optimization

Hormones. We all have them & we all need them to thrive. Hormones tell the body how to feel.

The problem is, our modern society has put pressure on us to work long hours, live sedentary lifestyles, and endure unbearable stress. Not only this, but the body naturally starts to lose its ability to properly regulate hormones as it gets older (it is just a fact of life!) People take maca root to naturally combat that.

30-Day Maju Promise

Add this to your cart and try it out. If you are not happy for whatever reason, keep the bottle and we will issue a refund. Your satisfaction is our priority. Questions? Ask questions on this page and our friendly team will help you out!

✅ FOR WOMEN & MEN: This is perfect for both Male & Female use. Maca has been traditionally consumed for thousands of years by the Mayan people for its potential impact on hormone production, enhancement of drive & overall health & wellness. People typically love maca because it supplements the body’s natural production energy*
✅ STAMINA, “DRIVE,” VITALITY BOOSTER: Hormone balance is important and many people overlook this crucial aspect of general health. The Mayans and Peruvian people have understood the power of Maca. That’s why Maca is the most highly regarded natural Peruvian superfood.
✅ NIGHT SWEATS & HOT FLASHES? WHY DO WOMEN LOVE MACA+? Customers typically say they take maca to support the body’s production of estrogen. Scientific studies have also looked at the potential alleviating effects of maca on the symptoms of menopause (H. O. Meissner, Bigger, 2006 ed).
✅ 30-DAY MAJU PROMISE: Our MACA+ is the gold standard of maca capsules. It is simply the purest most potent maca complex in this market. We want you to love this product for a long time. If you do not like it for any reason, contact us and we will issue a refund.

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