The Muscle Asylum Project – Breakthrough Supplements Reviewed

Coming this October 1st 2007, the hardcore bodybuilding supplement industry will be turned on its head – once again. The emergence of truly the most hardcore, legal supplementation to ever be produced will initiate this madness. The company, labeled as The Muscle Asylum Project, is actually led by the powerhouse MuscleTech. With the vast resources and years of experience of such a popular and respected company, The Muscle Asylum Project is sure to deliver some dramatic, lasting and truly hardcore results for the most hardcore niche in our sport today. Let’s take a closer look at the first four exciting and ground-breaking products to be released which include Altered State, Freak Fix, Anabolic Overdrive (OD) and finally the highly anticipated Arson fat burner serum capsules.

Altered State – Nitric Oxide Formula

Altered state brings us the ultimate in vasodilation for maximum blood-gorged muscle pumps. The official release claims a breakthrough process referred to as “vaso-reactive nitric oxide shock therapy”. In essence, this refers to the process where blood is forced into the working muscles increasing pumps, fullness and thickness of muscle tissue. With your muscles swollen to hardcore size and appearance, an altered state is truly what you will become. This is truly the key to taking your workout to level you’ve never experience before and basically a level that will take your body to the ultimate results you’ve always worked so hard for year after year after year..

Freak Fix – Muscle Synthesizing Protein Matrix

In a nut shell, Freak Fix is the first molecularly enhanced, muscle synthesizing protein matrix you’ve ever come across to date. Not only will you be able to add some serious, freaky lean muscle mass but as well that awesome strength level that you’ve always pushed for. The ideal time to consume freak fix is immediately following your workout, however it is not an exact science – feel free to take it anytime throughout the day. Once again, freak fix is intended only for those serious, hardcore bodybuilders that are aiming to gain some serious muscle mass and strength to push them past those stubborn plateaus. The flavor are also fantastic, currently involving chocolate blackout and pure white vanilla.

Anabolic O.D. (Over Drive) – Post Workout Activation

Anabolic Overdrive is simply the most powerful post-workout bodybuilding supplement that is available at the time of this article. You’ll feel the powerful effects almost immediately. Taken following your intense, hardcore workouts, anabolic OD will literally trigger the key satellite cell activation which leads to outstanding muscle cell repair and re-growth. This process forces new muscle tissue growth as well as a significant and quickly noticeable increase in strength lift levels. Anabolic OD truly is the closest legal supplement available short of taking anabolic steroids with similar results.

Arson – Hardcore Fat Burner

Arson is unique in the fat burning industry because it comes in a serum formula rather than the standard pills which can be hard to swallow and in many cases upset ones stomach. These heat-injected serum capsules are extremely potent in shedding fat cells from your body. The combination of Cissus quadrangularis extract, Gamma-butyrobetaine eicosanoate, and Uridine-5 – monophosphoris acid dissodium, Arson has the complete formula solution to melt your fat away. This is in a safe and effective manner, so no need to worry about nasty side effects. If you’re looking for that shredded, paper-thin skin look you see in your favorite magazines, whether male or female, Arson is the choice for you.

One significant and truly key aspect that separates The Muscle Asylum product line and ground breaking supplementation technology is their patented Wave Pulse Technology which maximizes dynamic nutrient transport. There is currently no product out there that is more efficient and effective in this process of moving the supplement to the muscle faster, period. This feature is surely to take this new exciting supplement line to the top of the hardcore supplement industry very quickly and keep it there for years to come. Let’s look to the future for more exciting items to follow these initial four.

Source by Jiri Cermak

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