This picture demonstrates the loss of color that occurs when green superfoods are not packaged in oxygen-free amber glass bottles with special metal caps like those for #PinesWheatGrass.

The reason we go to the effort and expense of removing the oxygen from each bottle is to prevent oxidation and loss of nutrients. We do this is to provide the best quality for our customers.

For more than 80 years, this kind of packaging has been considered the only way to permanently remove oxygen and seal in the oxygen-free environment to prevent devitalization by oxidation.

Even so, New Hope Natural Media is apparently on the side of plastic. Established a decade after Pines was established, New Hope conducts two major trade shows for the natural products marketplace each year. In a recent publication, they glorified the proliferation of green superfoods in plastic tubs by saying,

“Nutritional powders in plastic tubs were once strictly the purview of whey protein for gym rats. But nowadays everybody’s in on the game, seeking out everything from single-ingredient powders like kale to kitchen sink–style multinutrient blends…”

The author then praises the company he believes started this plastic trend and implies they are the "pioneers” of green superfoods. Clearly, despite evidence such as the picture above and actual laboratory analysis, New Hope does not seem to recognize the problem of oxidation. In fact, they apparently see nothing wrong with plastic at all!

We’ve never seen an article in any New Hope publications about any problems related to plastic containers. Besides not understanding how plastic tubs with their cheap caps "breathe" and allow oxidation, they also seem oblivious to the fact that plastic is made from petrochemical fossil fuel.

Even though the natural foods marketplace is increasingly filled with plastic containers, New Hope seems unconcerned about the Texas-sized #garbage patch that contains fragments of plastic tubs and other plastic containers swirling around in the center of the Pacific. They also seem oblivious to all the plastic waste in our #landfills. Instead, they obviously love plastic and consider companies that use it to be "pioneers".

Sharp shards of plastic from plastic containers are killing fish, mammals, birds and other #wildlife in alarming numbers. This plastic waste is also slowly leaching #toxic chemicals into our #environment.

Although the Natural Food Marketplace likes to brag about not using plastic bags, in terms of the total amount of plastic, bags represented less than 1% of the plastic leaving health food stores. In fact, one green superfood tub contains more plastic than 20 plastic grocery bags!

When this issue is brought up, people are told to "recycle." That may sound like a good idea, but even though many of us do #recycle, most people don’t. Thus, most of the containers leaving natural food stores end up as #plastic waste in our oceans and landfills, Ironically, those of us who recycle are actually encouraging more plastic waste by supporting companies that package in plastic. As a result of our failure to demand appropriate packaging, these companies never have incentive to stop polluting the planet and continue to add more and more of their plastic tubs to our oceans and landfills.

In addition to our not agreeing with New Hope’s plastic infatuation, we also strongly disagree with their designation of another company as the "pioneers" of green superfoods. Pines is the pioneer of green superfoods! We introduced #wheatgrass to the natural food marketplace in 1976. That was 15 years before the company New Hope claims to be the pioneer was established. Our other #greensuperfood products and blends also predate that company by a decade or more.

In fact, it was Pines that coined the term "green superfoods" in the late 1970s. We are the ones who came up with slogans like "Eat More Greens," and we were shouting that message from the rooftops at a time when few people understood the importance of green foods for health and disease prevention.

Unfortunately, our efforts to encourage people to eat more green may have led to this proliferation of plastic tubs filled with devitalized brownish-green powder. It also may have led to people growing an unnatural and potentially-dangerous form of wheatgrass juice "shots" made from plants forced to grow far-too-quickly with freakishly tangled roots in crowded trays.

These off-tasting, far-too-sweet juice shots have a fraction the nutritional level of real winter-grown wheatgrass grown outdoors where the roots are allowed to go down into deep soil. This is how wheatgrass is supposed to grow and is how Pines’ has grown its wheatgrass for nearly 40 years.

Our predecessor company, led by Dr. Schnabel, the father of wheatgrass, grew wheatgrass naturally at our location in the 1930s for the research by doctors and hospitals that was the scientific basis for books by Ann Wigmore, Viktoras Kulvinskas and Steve Meyerowitz.

On the other hand, as people recognize the poor quality of these plastic and unnaturally grown green superfoods, our "eat more green" message has finally helped bring about the current popularity of nutritious #wholefood green #smoothies. Our message about including vegetable fiber is becoming mainstream as people are careful not to overuse juices and juice powders.

Today’s wholefood smoothies are often further fortified with spoonfuls of Pines’ superior wholefood dark green #superfoods to provide more flavor, more nutrition, more chlorophyll and a darker green color. Instead of juice extraction machines, the trend in green superfoods now involves whole food machines such as Magic Bullets, Vitamixes and blenders.

Even though we have been loyal supporters of New Hope for 31 years and have purchased booths at every single one of their West Coast trade shows and most of their East Coast events, they clearly don’t acknowledge Pines as a pioneer, and the reason is obviously because we refuse to use plastic.

New Hope has provided poor environmental leadership, especially since evidence points to their being a major reason the natural food marketplace has become awash in over-priced products in cheap plastic packaging, while they ignore products at reasonable prices in appropriate packaging from Pines.

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