Vitamin D Guidance

Department of Health Guidance for Healthcare Professionals:…

"A significant proportion of the UK population have low vitamin D levels, which has resulted in a rising number of
reported cases of rickets in children and osteomalacia in
adults. This is of particular concern for all pregnant
and breastfeeding women, young children, older
people, black and ethnic minority groups, and
those at risk of inadequate sunshine exposure.
Pregnant women especially need to ensure
their own requirement for vitamin D is met and
to build adequate fetal stores for early infancy.
Vitamin D deficiency impairs the absorption
of dietary calcium and phosphorus, which
can give rise to bone deformities in children,
and bone pain and tenderness as a result of
osteomalacia in adults.

It is essential that everyone, especially
those people most at risk, are aware of
the implications of vitamin D defi ciency
and most importantly what they can
do to prevent it. "

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