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Super thermogenic, lose weight, extreme energy. America’s #1 selling weight loss supplement brand.Hardcore Elite Powder delivers an all-new unrivaled thermogenic experience. Unlike other thermogenic powders, Hardcore Elite contains a scientifically studied dose of green coffee standardized for 45% chlorogenic acids. This powerful formula also contains precise doses of yohimbe, L-theanine, L-carnitine L-tartrate, and caffeine to deliver a one-of-a-kind sensory experience!Super-Thermogenic Also Delivers Extreme Energy!Hardcore Elite contains a powerful super-thermogenic ingredient (caffeine anhydrous) that’s been shown to deliver a serious boost of extreme energy after just one dose! Powerful Weight Loss Complex Tested in 2 Clinical Studies! In one study, subjects taking the primary ingredient (green coffee extract) in Hardcore Elite for 60 days lost, on average, 10.95 lbs. versus the placebo group, which lost an average of 5.40 lbs. Both groups followed a low-calorie diet. In a separate 8-week study, subjects using the same key ingredient lost an average of 3.7 lbs. versus subjects using a placebo, who lost an average of 1.25 lbs. Both groups followed a calorie-reduced diet and performed moderate exercise.

POTENT INGREDIENTS IN A POWERFUL FORMULA. Unlike other thermogenic powders, Hydroxycut contains a scientifically studied dose of green coffee, yohimbe, L-theanine, L-tartrate and caffeine to deliver a one-of-a-kind sensory experience.
FULL FLAVOR, NO SUGAR. Blue Raspberry tastes great and is sugar-free. For best results, start with ½ a serving (1/2 scoop) mixed with 3 to 4 ounces of water once daily. Do not exceed more than 2 servings in a 24-hour period or take within 5 hours of bedtime.
THE HYDROXYCUT DIFFERENCE. The effective and proven formula in Hydroxycut is backed by science. It is powered by a key weight loss driver that has been evaluated in two separate scientific studies with great results.
AMERICA’s #1 SELLING WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT BRAND. Hydroxycut is on a mission to help people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. Every product is designed with carefully selected ingredients. Science, quality and purity are always the focus.

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