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Best Creatine Supplement

Creatine is a naturally-occurring substance within the body that helps to turn useless ADP into ATP, which can be utilized for energy. Most creatine is found in high-protein diets that include a lot of red meats. However, athletes and bodybuilders alike supplement with creatine. This is because even with a spot-on diet, your creatine levels are still low. The great part about creatine is its wide acceptance as a scientifically safe and proven supplement. Economically, creatine is a no-brainer. You can get over a years worth of creatine for $40. That’s like 7 cents a day. Talk about common sense. With all of the expensive supplements out there with no science to back them up, creatine just makes sense.

Best Creatine Supplement

I personally use a basic micronized creatine as long as it is made with Creapure creatine, the purest form and highest quality creatine. This translates to the best creatine supplement out there. Some companies offer a creatine mix based around other amino acids that also include mono-saccharides or simple-sugars. These are effective and may aid absorption, but are also way-overpriced.

Instead, have it after a workout with some Gatorade. Apple juice and grape juice are also great mediums to take your creatine in. Creatine use alone can help you gain 4-7 pounds of water weight; this is very helpful when bulking as it helps you to blast through plateaus.

If you are recovering from being sick and working to get back to where you left off, creatine is a great boost! I got sick this past summer and lost around 15 pounds. Creatine helped me jump back up to a safe weight where I could lift again. It can help you too!

It has also shown to increase maximum output during power-based movements. Sprints, Agility drills, and max lifting attempts all benefit from creatine use. I can personally say that using creatine has helped me to blast through training barriers and hit all new personal records (PRs). I would say that creatine alone has supplied me with 15-20 pounds on bench and maybe more on squat. There is no hype behind creatine- it’s just science.

Additionally, creatine is one of three supplements I think everyone needs no matter what. The other two are protein powder and a multivitamin! Hopefully you understand how crucial it is. Take advantage of it and take your training to the next level!

Source by Jon Chambers

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