Zahler Kidophilus Liquid, Advanced Kids Probiotic, Liquid Probiotics for Kids, Great Tasting Kids Probiotics Drops, 4OZ

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Product Description

Immune Support

Kidophilus- Zahler’s Kidophilus contains 10 million live CFU’s in every serviing, just 2ML a day to support healthy immune system function Healthy Child- Keep your child healthy with this great tastin liquid formula and a healthy intestinal tract Balance Good Bacteria- Just  add 2ML of Kidophilus to your child’s daily schedule which will help balance the good bacteria and support a healthy immune system

Digestion Support

Happy Tummy- Keep your child’s tummy happy with a daily dose of Zahler’ Kidophilu probiotic liquid for kids Advanced Probiotic- An advanced probiotic formula for children with a highly potent blend of Bacillus Cagulans an important probiotic which helps balace gut flora Kidophilus Liquid- Zahler Kidophilus Liquid works quickly to help supress the growth of potentially harmful bacteria and enhance the protective barrier of the digestive tract

Why Zahler Kidophilus?

Highest Quality Ingredients

Zahler Kidophilus Liquid includes Bacillus Coagulans, an important probiotic which helps balance gut flora. Bacillus Coagulans is commonly used tos upport a healthy immune system and promote healthy digestion

Easy To take

Just 2ML of this great tasting liquid Kidophilus and provide your child with all the health benefits, such as recolonization of the intestines and immune function improvement. Zahler Kidophilus helps support better digesting and a healthy immune system by halting the growth of disease-causing bacteria.

Rooted In Purity

All Zahler products are sourced directly from nature containing only pure, unadulterated ingredients. Manufactured and bottled in a state-of-art GMP certified facility. Zahler’s Kidophilus meets the highest nutraceutical standards. 

16 oz.

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