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Most non-medical approaches to treating ADHD will require your guidance and involvement. If your child is on an ADHD diet, you will have to personally prepare the meals so your child does not eat foods that will trigger the disorder. Some therapeutic approaches like Cogmed Working Memory Training will require you to be present in order to guide your child throughout the program. However, the time and effort put into natural treatments for ADHD are worth it, because they bring long-lasting benefits without the side effects of medication. Besides, not all non-medical treatments for ADHD have to be inconvenient. Consider giving your child an ADHD natural remedy like AD-FX, a capsule containing herb extracts known for their ability to treat the disorder.

A growing bodyof evidence shows that gingko biloba extract and American ginseng extract provide the same benefits as prescription medication, without its unwanted side-effects. Studies have demonstrated that gingko biloba seems to boost working memory and attention, which makes it a versatile herbal treatment for the three ADHD subtypes. Ginseng is also known to work on dopamine-related pathways, theorized to be a cause of the dopamine deficits in ADHD children. Together, the two herbs make a powerful ADHD natural remedy, because they can stimulate brain cell growth and have antioxidant properties. However, there is a catch: commercially available raw gingko biloba and American ginseng are often contaminated by pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals. When ingested, these substances will only aggravate the symptoms of the disorder.

Fortunately, researchers from the University of Alberta took it upon themselves to make safe herbal preparations more available to ADHD sufferers and their families. With their knowledge of herbs and their benefits, they created a product called AD-FX, an herbal supplement containing a potent combination of gingko biloba extract and American ginseng extract. Before the chemicals of the leaves are extracted into the capsules, the leaves themselves are tested for toxins to make sure that only the cleanest herbs are used. Before formally launching the product to the public, the creators of AD-FX performed a clinical trial in which 37 children with ADHD were asked to take four capsules daily. After the trial period, 90% of the participants no longer met the diagnostic criteria for ADHD, had fewer cognitive problems, and no longer exhibited oppositional behavior – even though some of these children had failed to respond to ADHD medications.

Each AD-FX capsule has 50 mg of gingko biloba extract and 200 mg of American ginseng extract. The recommended daily dosage for children ten and younger is four AD-FX capsules, which should be taken on an empty stomach. Researchers note that AD-FX alone is not strong enough for adolescents and adults. For best results, they need to combine four AD-FX capsules with other ADHD natural remedies like 300 mg gingko, hypericum, or St. John’s Wort.

Despite the benefits of AD-FX for children with ADHD, take note that herbal supplements alone cannot treat the disorder. As part of a holistic treatment program that combines a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and therapeutic approaches, AD-FX can help your child overcome ADHD naturally. Also take note that some children may be allergic to components in herbal medicines. Before giving AD-FX or any natural treatments for ADHD, consult your doctor, alternative therapist, or homeopath.

Source by Dr. Yannick Pauli

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