2x 2009 SKODA FABIA 2 HTP 70

This is one of those photos that you take thinking it’ll be more interesting to upload in a few years time, when they get to an age where you imagine they start to come off the road.

So here are two cars from 2009 that were probably built side by side to the same specification and engine flavour, painted in the same colour scheme, then transported together to the UK from the Mladá Boleslav factory in Czech Republic, and registered on UK plates one character apart. They probably lived a few miles away from each other and they were both traded in together around the same time, and parked together, 6 years later at the same dealership they were originally sold from. What are the chances? (Actually it’s not that uncommon at this dealership I worked at for these things to happen, but I thought I’d build up your excitement anyway!).

Both cars are still legally used on the road today 10 years on. Back in 2015 at their last MOTs, FVU had covered 54,000 miles (now on 85k) and FVT had covered just 5,972 miles (now on around 8k). Also goes to show how some cars from the noughties just don’t show their age after 50,000 miles! I also suspect the fact they are Skodas, well known for their durability will have much to do with that.

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