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I have a few deals currently going on. Just an update to let you know I’m working and to ask a few questions.

JACKxRAWR- The first of those FALs, the one on the left, has one side in poorer condition. It is more rough, but I am trying to fix that. You’re in luck, the one on the right is a breakthrough! I was able to use a bit of ABS handgrip cut from real Lego to mold the resin onto, due to one side of the first being so crude. It worked beautifully! Both of them are also strengthened with brass rod, so snapping them now requires breaking both the resin and multiple millimeters of copper mixed with zinc. Good luck snapping material that is tougher to cut than paperclip.

Banzai-I didn’t know what colors you wanted everything in. If for some of this stuff you want something other than black, but not dk bley, I have this odd sort of light black paint that could look good. And the balaclava is not nearly finished. Don’t worry, it’ll be beautiful in the end. Also that pouch is partially based off of the one Engineer has on his far right. You’ll like it. I’ll throw in some other pouches just cuz 😛

Eclipse–This is around $15 worth of stuff. However, I’ve made some developments since our deal, and could throw in some really nice stuff like sides for those spartan shins, extra batches of everything, JFO shoulders from Halo:Reach (…), and me painting some of this in my camo you’ve liked for so long 😛 If we bump up the price to 20 or 25, I’ll throw a whole bunch of these goodies in.

Black Sun Customs-I am working EXTREMELY hard and you will not be disappointed. I am going to crazy measures. It’ll be a while but you will own tons of gorgeous resin in the end. And still only $5 total, it would be awful to lose one’s house. Hope my gift helps

Anyone else, I am sculpting and casting lots of pouches and accessories. FM or comment if you are interested. Other things I am working on include a Galil V2 that I can reproduce with a removable mag, sci-fi video game armor and helmets, supplemental parts to other vendors’ guns (Encouraging you to buy their products so as to use mine) and lots more. Stay tuned, folks : )

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