Does FertilAid for Men Male Fertility Supplement Work?

From the thousands of men that use FertilAid For Men and have received wonderful results the answer is it does do the job. By taking this pure fertility supplement health they’ve enhanced the overall well being of their reproductive system, improved the count and quality of their sperm, increased the level of their fertility and optimized the chances to reproduce.

FertilAid For Men works by replenishing the depleted nutrients, minerals and necessary vitamins that have been depleted from your body as a result of the effects from external forces that happen to us each and every single day. Living an unhealthy life-style, having bad dietary habits, smoking, drinking, stressing and injuring ourselves, and getting impacted by toxins in the environment (i.e. smog, chemical substances), rob the body of the really things it requires to maintain a healthy reproduction system.

Instead of running for the physician’s clinic and asking for a medical wonder pill to boost your sperm count, consider the more natural strategy. Consider that it’s like operating your car. Every day you put bad gas inside it, don’t bother to perform any maintenance on it, and when it acts sluggish you get a bottle of gas booster and pour it in to the tank. It seems to help a little however one time, whenever you truly require it to perform to get you someplace, you are astonished that it will not move.

You have the mechanic take a look at it and he tells you there’s no engine oil in it, the gaskets are dried up and also the transmission fluid has dripped out the pan. He looks at you in amazement that you did not comprehend that you can’t treat the car that way. If you’d have just supplied what it really needed it could have held up for decades and performed wonderfully.

Your entire body is requesting the same attention you ought to have provided your car. It too wants to replenish the important nutritional vitamins, mineral and nutrients it had to utilize just keeping up with your life-style. FertilAid For Men helps to do just that. Formulated by a leading doctor of fertility in the field, Dr. Amos Grunebaum, to assist couples of their wish to get pregnant simply by increasing the quality of sperm in men.

FertilAid For Men is really a blended formulation of L-Carnitine, Beta-carotene, Zinc, Maca Root, antioxidants (such as Necessary vitamin C and E), Grapeseed Extract, and Selenium that works by helping the entire body to create healthy active sperm, raise sperm count, increases sperm motility (how fast they move) as well as restore your reproductive system, increase your fertility levels and optimizes your chance of conceiving.

By taking a few basic steps you can enhance your overall chances at conceiving a child. Eat much better, reduce alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking, find activities which relax you (to reduce stress) as well as take a natural fertility supplement like FertilAid For Men. Quit wondering if a natural fertility supplement like FertilAid For Men performs to improve your general reproduction health and raise your fertility level, the correct answer is… it does.

Source by Tim MacDonald

The Low Down on Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Plants Vs Fish

No doubt you’ve heard all the buzz about omega 3 fatty acids. They make your heart healthier. They boost your immune system. They can protect you from some types of cancer. They are good for your circulation. And the list goes on. Omega 3s are good for you simple as that, but what about the question of fish vs plant omega 3 oils?

First, before we get into that, here’s an explanation of omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are a family of unsaturated fatty acids which include alinolenic acid or ALA,, eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA and docosahexaenoic acid or DHA. They are essential acids, meaning they are essential to our health, but they are not manufactured by the human body. This means we need to obtain them through our food.  Omega 3 oils are found in fish such as salmon, tuna and halibut and it is found in some plants and nut oils. Omega 3 fatty acids play a role in brain development and growth. Research indicates that these acids reduce inflammation and help prevent risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases.

When it comes to the difference of fish vs plant omega 3 fatty acids, there is a significant difference. The omega 3 oils found in fish consist primarily of EPA and DHA, whereas plants like flax seed contain ALA. Research shows that EPA and DHA provide different functions than ALAs. Our bodies can convert AKA into EPA and DHA, however, that conversion process is slow. Moreover, the omega 3s found in fish oils are long chain fatty acids; those found in plants, particularly in seeds, contain shorter chains which are weaker than those found in fish.

These short chain omega 3s are less potent and less unsaturated than those found in fish. What’s more these ALA acids are not used by the brain so they cannot substitute for DHA in brain development and growth. The health effects of plant omega 3 acids are not as effective as those found in fish.

However, that isn’t to say that in the battle of fish vs plant omega 3 acids that fish trumps all. Both have different benefits. The bottom line is you should eat more omega 3 fatty acids.

Source by Allie Moxley

What Is IdealShape?

Bringing the body into an ideal shape usually requires a lot of efforts. It does not only ask for burning deposited calories but, people are also required to reduce the consumption as well. Wondering how? Well, the simplest way is to cut down meal portion or skip one. But the approach should be to find an alternative that would overcome the deficiency of necessary nutrients. At this stage, taking a stand-in drink would be the best possible option as it contains all the minerals and nutrition that a body needs regularly. Though, the question is still there: which product to go for? How it would meet all the bodily requirements? The answer is quite simple- IdealShape!

No doubt, cutting out a significant portion of calories on daily basis may cause hunger, fatigue and malnourishment, meaning that people would have to face a lot of difficulties in performing their regular work. Fortunately, IdealShape has solved this problem by claiming to be the best replacement for one or two food portions! Yes, people can now live healthy and actively perform all tasks no matter if they have skipped a meal.

Who makes IdealShape?

By looking at its name, most of the people are confused between IdealShape and IdealShape because of the words. To be clear, IdealShape is the name of the product that is manufactured by IdealShape LLC that was established by David Meine, a motivational speaker and a writer. He started as a writer and ended with a thought that something should be done to encourage people to live a healthy and simple life.

Realizing the importance of an ideal body shape, David founded IdealShape and introduced different supplements, consisting of weight loss drinks, fat burners, bars and meal replacement shakes. Every product has got an amazing taste and works as an effective hunger-blocking item, thus allowing users to burn excess fat and observe a significant change in their bodies regularly.

Does IdealShape work?

Although workout and healthy eating tend to be the complementary aspects, taking meal replacement shakes is another important addition to cut down extra fat. Since these shakes are quite low in calories and responsible to satisfy nutritional and mineral requirements, they help people to transform their bodies efficiently. IdealShape is manufactured as a hunger-blocking item that controls cravings for 3 hours max without giving deprivation feelings. It tastes like a smoothie that gives whey proteins for lean body building and burning fats. Ideally, people should drink 8 ounces of water after its intake. IdealShake has got an amazing blend of fibre, hunger-blocker Slendesta® (all-natural potato protein extract) and fiber. Slendesta is responsible to send messages to the brain to produce more cholecytokinin (CCK), thus giving an impression that the body is full with necessary meal portion. Unlike other meal replacement shakes, users do not have to add the hunger-blocking ingredient on their own as it is built-in.

IdealShape’s Ingredients

Vitamins and Minerals: IdealShape is provided with 20 different ingredients that have to fulfill certain responsibilities.

• Vitamin A improves immune system level and eyesight and maintains calcium content for proper nerve, teeth and bone communication

• Vitamin D keeps immune system, bones and heart healthy

• Vitamin B supports muscle function and nerve cells

Some prominent minerals are:

• Niacin that maintains good cholesterol level

• Folate improves mood and regulates brain functions

• Magnesium for healthy heart and kidneys

• Riboflavin works as a metabolic agent for fat and increases energy

• Iron is for ensuring good digestive health

Protein Blend: One tablespoon of IdealShape contains 11gm protein that is appropriate to preserve the muscles during dieting. The proteins usually have the following ingredients:

• Soy protein isolate

• Why protein isolate

• Why protein concentrate

Fibre: One serving contains 5gms of fibre that works as a hunger blocker and is extracted from ‘Inulin,’ a fibre in food supplements due to the presence of probiotic bacteria. It regulates hunger level and prevents overeating.

Potato Protein Extract or Slendesta: Responsible for making users slender and gives leaner muscles. IdealShape has added it as a main ingredient to inhibit a hormone named cholecystokinin that reduces hunger level.

Maltodextrin: Normally metabolized as compared to other carbohydrates. It is idea for athletes and bodybuilders for a boost of energy for workout. It is also a thickening and filler agent for IdealShape flavors.

Papain and Bromelain: They are derived from papaya and pineapple in the form of protease enzymes. They are responsible to tenderize and digest protein; best to combat paint of injuries, arthritis and different digestive problems.

Enzymes: IdealShape has added varieties of enzymes in their products, including cellulose, lactase, protease and lipase.

Are there possible side effects?

As long as users follow instructions and do not go beyond the recommended use, nothing would go wrong. IdealShape suggests to consult with their experts if people are not sure about how much they should use on regular basis. However, this approach does not decrease the importance of these facts:

Nowadays, mean replacement shakes and weight loss supplements use soy protein isolate to suppress appetite so that users can observe reduction in their body fat within a short time period. Though, some studies have mentioned potential harms of regular consumption of soy protein isolate, leading to serious health problems like immune system and thyroid complications. To avoid these complications, it is suggested to take a break of at least 2 hours between IdealShape and thyroid medication.


Natural ingredients are usually effective on the body when taken in an appropriate amount. They can provide all the necessary nutrients and ensure good health. Protein and fibre are responsible for creating leaner muscles while promote digestive health. IdealShape has turned out to be a good choice as it is affordable and showed results.

Source by Anusha Saeed

The Best Muscle Building Pills – It Depends On Your Goals!

What are the best muscle building pills? That all depends upon your goals. The best muscle building pills for gaining weight will certainly not be the same pills or supplements that are most effective for shedding body fat to allow muscle to better show. And powerlifters and bodybuilders will certainly find different classes of supplements to be effective in differing ratios. Let’s look at which supplements are the most effective, based upon differing individual goals.

To gain weight

There is a wealth of weight-gainer powders out there, but their quality may differ. Search for products that contain fewer fillers and more natural ingredients. Mesobolin and Nitrox-ATP are both useful for increasing anabolic function in the body, giving results similar to those seen with the use of anabolic steroids, but without the negative side effects to health and potential loss of freedom.

To lose body fat

Whey protein powder is among the best supplement for maintaining high protein intake, with minimal calories and fat content. ECA, or a combination of 250 mg aspirin, 200 mg caffeine, and 25 mg ephedrine is also effective for boosting the metabolism and leading to some fat burning effects. Lipotase is a safe alternative to ECA which allows for greater fat burning efficiency in the body, as well as improved protein uptake by the body.

To get stronger

Creatine is very good for helping the lifter to hold more water, which in turn leads to fuller muscle bellies which can move more weight. Five grams of the micronized powder, twice a day, should be more than adequate for achieving this goal.

There will be times when lifters will have several simultaneous goals. Who wouldn’t want to be bigger, stronger, and leaner at the same time? However, unless one is willing to engage in the illegal and physically dangerous habit of using anabolic steroids to achieve all of these goals simultaneously, it is much more effective to focus upon a single goal – one goal at a time. If you’re skinny, start by trying to add some mass. There’s no sense in trying to get ripped at 6% body fat if you’re only 142 pounds. Likewise, trying to add muscle when you’re sitting at 260 pounds with 34% body fat is a poor idea. Get your physique to a respectable level before looking at goals outside of your current body type and situation. Then you will quickly learn to match your goals with the best muscle building pills for these goals – and you’ll get in the best shape of your life!

Source by Dane C. Fletcher

What Is The Best Whey Protein Supplements For Building Muscle?

With hundreds of protein powder brands available in the market, it is often confusing on which one to choose. All of them claim of providing fast results for bigger muscles. Maybe you have already tried some of them and were only disappointed with the results. Well, let us make some things straight. Not all protein powders are the same. Protein has several types. This you will need to know. Upon knowing this, you will have to choose the best protein that could bring best results for you. Protein types depend on where they had been derived. There are proteins derived from soy, from egg, from vegetables and from milk. The best proteins are those derived from milk. They are actually called whey protein. There are two types of protein supplements. The best whey protein powder for building muscle is actually whey isolates.

If you want to have the best protein powder for building muscle look for the label and choose those that have whey isolates. Whey protein is derived from cow’s milk. When you process cow’s milk, it will form curd. The curd is used to process cheese. The remaining liquid on the other hand contains protein. This liquid is processed in order to collect the protein solids. This is the whey protein. Whey isolates went through several processes in order to get the purest form of protein possible. Some brands of whey isolates claim 95% protein while some more expensive brands will have 100% pure protein content.

The best whey protein powder for building muscle is those that would claim 100% protein. The best would therefore be whey isolates. But a second best alternative would be the other type of whey protein. It is whey concentrates. Whey concentrates differ from whey isolates with contents. Whey concentrates contain around 75% to 85% protein content. The other part of the mixture is fats and lactose. But this is in a very negligible amount. If you don’t mind some fats and if you are not lactose intolerant, whey concentrate could work the same for you. You will have to experience some abdominal discomfort though like bloating and gas.

So don’t get confused again when choosing a protein powder. The best whey protein powder for building muscle is whey isolates. When you’re looking for the second best, it would be whey concentrates. Both these are easily digested and provide great results.

Source by Dane C. Fletcher

Infertility Or Fertility? Understanding the Crucial Role of ZINC In Reproduction

Zinc may be classified as a trace element but it is a very important mineral in both male and female fertility enhancement. Zinc deficiency could lead to all kinds of infertility problems ranging from low sperm count in males to loss of pregnancy in females.

To understand the role of zinc in reproductive health in both sexes, lets examine the reproductive organs. In males, the prostate is the organ with the richest zinc supply while in the females, the uterus (the palace of the baby) is the zinc-richest organ. Developmentally what the uterus is in the female is equivalent to the prostate in the males. Although both organs may look different, they need the same nourishment–zinc–because they came from the same embryonic origin.

In women, lack or low zinc supply may lead to hormonal imbalance, irregular menses, lack of egg maturation or release from the ovaries. If the woman happens to conceive, zinc deficiency increases chances of spontaneous abortion, pregnancy-induced hypertension, and low-birth-weight babies. Note that the woman doesn’t lose only iron in her menses, but also magnesium and zinc.

In men, the reproductive organs like the prostate and testicles cannot function without zinc. The prostate will swell without adequate zinc supply. Zinc is critical for sperm production, and maturation. Zinc is also a heavy metal antagonism and can combat arterioslerosis as such necessary to cure erectile dysfunction in men. Zinc is the reason why semen is white. One ejaculate from a man leads to the loss of 15 Milligrams of zinc. Zinc is necessary for DNA regulation and repair, proper cell division, immune system modulation, growth, regeneration and repair. It is also an anti-oxidant protector that can combat the menace of free-radicals in the body.

In fact Zinc, is an important co-factor in well over 600 enzyme systems (including anti-oxidant enzymes like catalaze and superoxide dismutase) in the body. This ranges from metabolism of carbohydrates and vitamins to release energy. Zinc deficiency can cause loss of taste, loss of smell, poor wound healing and infertility.

The problem is that zinc is notorious for poor absorption, therefore even mild zinc deficiency can lead to low sperm count, poor sperm quality and motility. Fortunately supplementation with 60 milligrams of zinc in 50 days can reverse all these semen parameters in infertile men. Zinc does all these by raising levels of testosterone (hormone that stimulate sperm production) which is also responsible for sexual libido in both sexes. This is why we must raise the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Zinc to at least 60 milligrams daily. The erroneous notion to supplement with copper with increased dose of zinc is a baseless fear that has no practical application.

Zinc with magnesium and vitamin B6 work in synergy to modulate and balance the body’s delicate hormone cascade which is necessary for fertility and reproduction in both sexes.

Good sources of zinc include turkey, oysters, whole grains, eggs, bone meal, molasses, maple syrup, brewer’s yeast, seeds like sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds. Note that zinc supplementation is no longer and option but mandatory if you are already struggling with infertility.

Source by Uzo Onukwugha

Choosing The Right Weight Loss Pills – Does Hoodia Work?

Weight loss pills are a multi-million-dollar business world-wide. Every year, people around the world spend more than 50 billion dollars on weight loss products that are supposed to help them slim down. The causes are manifold, from cosmetic reasons, and the progressive world focus on the skinny model type as beautiful, to the health problems that overweight people often face.

Current lifestyle trends have begun focusing on healthier lifestyles that are more natural with an emphasis on nutrition and exercise, natural cosmetics, and alternative medicines. People are paying more attention to fitness and general physical appearance. In this atmosphere, weight reduction methods are some of the hottest items today.

Overweight people usually end up paying a heavy price in health. Excess weight and obesity are leading factors contributing to a number of serious health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, type 1 and 2 diabetes, arthritis, asthma, certain kinds of cancer and kidney malfunctions. Obesity is also the second largest cause of preventable deaths every year, in the US alone. Obesity related health issues cost the nation around $100 billion in healthcare costs as well as millions in workday losses.

Weight loss pills do a roaring business, not surprisingly, and many of them contain harmful and banned substances, although many are also made from other natural extracts, or Hoodia.

These are often used to help people lose weight suppress appetite, boost energy and improve physical endurance. Weight reducing products containing harmful substances have been a subject of controversy for some time now, and seem to be the cause, or contributing factor, in hundreds of deaths. In addition, thousands of people have had serious adverse reactions to the weight loss pills containing such substances.

The AMA (American Medical Association) recommended the banning harmful chemicals, because the perceived benefits of such pills are far outweighed by the increased risks of heart attack, stroke and even death.

There are other options, alternatives, like Hoodia or Hoodia Gordonii for example. this is a cactus like, Southern African, flowering plant used more and more as an appetite suppressant and an anti-obesity drug for making weight reducing pills and other products. The active ingredient in Hoodia Gordonii works as a natural appetite suppressant, with no demonstrated side effects so far.

However, one must be careful while choosing or using weight loss pills

  • Remember that no pills can claim to be a permanent cure.
  • No pills can promise immediate, effortless or guaranteed results.
  • Don’t trust vague testimonials that cannot be verified.
  • Before buying weight loss pills, check with your doctor, a nutritionist or a dietician.

Exercising caution is the best way of avoiding the numerous scams running today, that sell weight loss pills.

Source by Jia Mata

Exercises and Workouts – Should You Consider L-Leucine Supplementation?

When it comes to keeping your progress intact where your workout sessions are concerned, there is one thing you will want to focus on, and that is healthy amino acid supplementation. Most people are already aware of the importance of protein powder for enhancing their results. Also, protein powder is an excellent addition to any diet plan and something you need to think about adding on a regular basis. However, beyond that, certain amino acids also play critical roles in your progress, and if these are overlooked you could be missing out on several benefits.

One particular amino acid that seems to be especially important is L-Leucine. What does it do and why should you take it? Let us look at this in greater detail…

1. Improved Protein Synthesis. The first benefit you will find with L-Leucine is improved protein synthesis rates by up to 25% which means you will see faster results from the hard work you are putting in at the gym and also get better recovery.

Those who supplement with this amino acid typically notice less soreness between their workout sessions as well because the muscles are recovering faster.

2. Improved Energy. Next, you can also expect to see better overall energy levels when you add L-Leucine to your diet plan thanks to the fact with stronger and more recovered muscles; you feel better overall.

Low energy levels are often equated with not having enough carbohydrates in your eating plan, and for those who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, adding more is not always an option. If it is because you are short on key amino acids, such as L-Leucine, this is a much easier fix.

On top of that, there is also a lower risk of lean muscle mass tissue breakdown when you use L-Leucine, which can also mean higher energy levels as well. With less cortisol in your system, you will feel better, less run down, and your risk of weight gain associated with cortisol will also be lowered.

3. Heart Health Benefits. Finally, L-Leucine may also offer great heart health benefits as well. It has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels and may also help reduce the hardening of the arteries. If heart health is a concern for you, this may also be enough reason to consider supplementation.

You can often find L-Leucine in any branched-chain amino acid product on the market because it is a branched-chain amino acid. And this said – taking the supplement on its own can provide even better results.

Don’t overlook what L-Leucine can do for you: it is one nutrient you will not want to fall short on if you are regularly working out in the gym and hoping to see optimal results.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

Extenze Side Effects: Is It Safe For Everyone?

What is Extenze? Would you want to try it? Should you be scared of Extenze side effects? Have you heard comments from friends who have used Extenze?

Extenze is a male enhancement pill and some may have not heard about it yet. It is designed for men to increase their chances of fulfilling sexual satisfaction. Some used it for erectile dysfunctions, decreased libido or to make their penis bigger. Claims of gaining inches on their penis’ size and girth are posted on Extenze websites. If you consider these comments in choosing the right pill for you, you might want to visit their website.

Some enhancement pills were reported to cause nausea, palpitations, difficulty of breathing and upset stomach. Others on the other hand were formulated in a way that decreases the concentration of the harmful substances to eliminate risks for side effects. Sometimes it affects the potency of the pill and creates no results at all and is categorized as placebo. Some are so potent but are not advised for specific individuals since they bring about harmful side effects. People who are considered unhealthy or those who have diseases are not advised to use some of the enhancement pills.

The pills are processed by the liver in order to distribute it to the body and the kidney works to excrete the by-products. People who have kidney and liver diseases will not be able to normally synthesize the pill and eliminate the unnecessary components. It could lead to toxicity or even death. Heart problems are also considered. Some pills affect the blood flow not only to the penis but to the whole body and the heart might not be able to cope with this kind of change.

According to its manufacturer and distributors, Extenze has low concentration of its ingredients. It is for consumers to be able to tolerate the pills. Some who have used it for weeks or months attest that they have not experienced a single side effect but experienced its awesome benefits.

Could it really be zero risk for this product? Are Extenze side effects truly non-existent? There are ways for us to find the answer and learn more. Thorough research and reading will definitely lead us to finding the truth about Extenze. Men who want to try the product have the option of consulting a physician or an expert for this matter to get an in-depth understanding for the product.

Source by Calvin Turner

Pain and Inflammation Gone With Serrapeptase

It is amazing how a squirmy silkworm can make a life changing difference from a life filled with pain, painful inflammation or disease and change it to a life of health and happiness. Serrapeptase has been used in Europe and Asia for over 30 years to replace the chemical agents referred to as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Serrapeptase is an alternative to aspirin, ibuprofen and other OTC (over the counter) medications. As a nature created protease enzyme agent that has no known side effects when used, it does not harm your body or organs. Just the opposite is true, it heals and removes many of the disease or harmful deposits that can cause you pain, inflammation, some cancers and arterial blockages.

What is this wonder enzyme? It has been titled and correctly so, “The Miracle Enzyme” by Robert Redfern.

Isolated from the microorganism, Serratia E15, Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme (protease) that will work in the human body to remove scar tissue (dead tissue) and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect within our bodies. We can thank the silkworm for this miracle. This enzyme was originally found in the silkworm intestine. The silkworm uses it to digest the mulberry leaf and also create a hole in its hard cocoon so that it could exit and a moth and fly off. As we know, the outer layer on the cocoon is the origin of silk that is used in thread and then made into clothing. Today this enzyme is a commercial product derived through fermentation. The history and art of making silk is a fascinating story and one I enjoyed reading about.

Serrapeptase has so many case studies and amazing results that it would be difficult not to place it in a healing category all by itself. There are results showing it dissolving dead tissue, cysts, arterial plaque, inflammation and dissolving the substance that holds blood clots together. There does not seem to be many conditions or diseases in our bodies that have not been reported for this enzyme to improve or clear.

I personally have seen the effects of Serrapeptase in the improvement of removing scar tissue from my foot that was so painful I could hardly walk. Now I can go and do most everything without the unbearable pain. The doctor recommended 2 separate surgeries to remove the scar tissue so that I would not loose a toe due to the surgery and lack of blood flow. I also have PMR (polymyalgia rheumatica) a very painful and debilitating disease, requiring a steroid daily treatment to reduce the pain from the inflammation in my body. I have to have blood tests every 6 weeks and since I have been taking Serrapeptase, my blood results have dropped and I am taking less steroids. I will not go into the effects of taking a steroid but believe me, it is not good for the body and organs. I am thankful for the results I have noticed since taking Serrapeptase and expect the results to continue to improve. Oh, by the way, the results I noticed started within 2 weeks of taking Serrapeptase and prior to that, no changes in the pain or inflammation in either condition for over a year.

My sister is taking the enzyme and has also noticed great results. She has for many years had lumps in her legs that have made it very painful to walk or stand. She noticed that after just 2 weeks on Serrapeptase, that in her shopping in Walmart, which normally she can only walk for about 10 minutes, she had been there over 40 minutes and noticed the reduced pain. She has also had several surgeries for her sinus condition over the years and has noticed a clearing of that problem also. She has called several times to thank me for sending her the first bottle. She is a believer and has re-ordered multi-bottles 2 additional times.

I will list some of the conditions that have shown anywhere from a slight, to what is considered a miracle in the results of using Serrapeptase. There many experts and reports that verify the positive results of Serrapeptase, some are documented on my website as examples and I am truly amazed at the wonderful results that have been reported.

1. Cardiovascular Diseases:

Arterial Disease

Blood Clots

Reduce By-Pass surgery


Varicose Veins

2. Pain and Inflammation Problems:

Back Problems – Lower and neck


Rheumatoid Arthritis


Carpal Tunnel

Post operative Scars


Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Fibrocystic Breast Disease


3. Chest and Lung Diseases:


Pulmonary Tuberculosis


Cystic Fibrosis


4. Inflammatory Bowel Disorders:

Ulcerative Colitis,


5. Migraines and Headaches:

Migraines and Headaches

6. Cancer Recovery:

7. Multiple Sclerosis and other Neurological problems:

8. Ear, Nose & Throat Problems:



Swollen Glands



9. Sport Injury recovery:

There are many other diseases and conditions that can be helped or eliminated by the use of Serrapeptase. New results are being reported all the time and I expect to see many new amazing results as time continues. Serrapeptase was so valuable in its results, that in Germany, a prescription was required to get this enzyme. It has been used and researched in Europe and Asia for over 30 years. Serrapeptase was not introduced into the United States until 2002 and now we have it available here to improve our Health also.

It should be noted that like any other natural or herbal supplement, you should talk with your doctor to make sure there are no situations or medications that could affect your health condition while taking Serrapeptase. There are no known side effects with this enzyme and the dosage can vary depending on your personal condition. I personally started with a higher dosage and will reduce the amount to a maintenance dosage once I have reached the improvements in my body.

Serrapeptase can be taken by adults, children, dogs and horses. There have been dramatic results in animals with diseases like Arthritis and tumors. The tablet form can be taken whole or chewed up. The capsule can be taken whole or split and added to juice, water or honey. It is great for sore throats when dissolved and swallowed slowly. It will normally work within 15 to 30 minutes to eliminate the sore throat. To be most effective, Serrapeptase is enteric coated to pass through the stomach and be dissolved in the intestines. It should be taken on an empty stomach and can be taken up to 3 times a day and multiple tablets/capsules may be taken to achieve your maximum goal.

“Serrapeptase may become the most widely used nutritional supplement of all time because of it’s effectiveness with such a wide range of conditions”

Robert Redfern, Nutrition Researcher and Author

This article is not intended as medical advice. It is solely informational and educational about health.

Source by Diana M. Rogers