Certified USDA Organic Psyllium Husk Powder, Purest-Grade, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan-Friendly, Dietary Fiber (1 Pound, 16 Ounces)

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Non-GMO and Certified Organic Psyllium Husk Powder

The psyllium husks are certified organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd, Cert Reg # 19-1567 (2021). It is grown without potentially harmful artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

99% Pure and Totally Preservative-Free

Hand-packed in small batches for exceptional freshness, our organic psyllium husk powder features no additives or preservatives, so you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

Resealable Packaging for Long-Lasting Freshness

The psyllium husk powder comes in convenient resealable packaging to help maintain optimal freshness. Stored correctly in a cool, dark pantry, it can last for up to two years.

Add It to Delicious Drinks

The convenient powder is easy to blend into a smoothie or stir into water or juice to help you get your daily dose of fiber when you’re on the go.

Stir It in with Breakfast

Mix psyllium husk powder into your oatmeal or other breakfast dishes to start your morning off right and help keep yourself regular throughout the day.

Bake Up Healthy Low-Carb Breads

Psyllium husk powder is easy to mix into baked goods like breads, buns and desserts as a low-carb and high-fiber substitute for ingredients like white flour.

Thicken Up Soups and Stews

Psyllium husk makes a great thickener for a soup, stew or sauce that’s a bit too watery, with a big boost of fiber as an added bonus.

BOTANICAL SOURCE & ORIGIN: Plantago ovato from India.
CULTIVATION: Psyllium husks are a form of fiber made from the Plantago ovata plant, specifically from the husks of the plant’s seed.
HEALTH BENEFITS: contains soluble fiber and is mostly known as a laxative and helps relieve constipation, promote regularity, and improve digestion.
COMMON USES: The milled husks, which contain more dietary fiber than the seed, is used to make teas. Whole psyllium husks can also be added to foods, although be aware that they will absorb a good deal of cooking liquids due to a high fiber and mucilage content.

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