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Hi CFFB! First of all I’d like the personally thank every one of you for developing me into the Power Athlete that I am today. I started with mainsite workouts about 7 years ago for college rugby. The switch to CFFB was made about 2-3 years ago and I could not be happier! Currently the "working full time 26 year old" me is stronger and faster than the "college Div 1 rugby player" me! After reading the recently released beginners guide I wanted try and produce one product that contained all of the recommended supplements from the guide. The chart below shows the costs, quantities and grams per serving of my attempt. Unfortunately alpha GPC is not included as it could not found at reasonably price. This also did not include creatine. The costs per 5lb container would approximately be $55 without the consideration of shipping the bulk supplements. Each 5 lb container would contain approximately 45 servings of the following supplements: serving (50g) 26.36g Grass Fed Whey 4.73g Leucine 4.65g Taurine 4.65g Glutamine 374mg phosphatidylserine 1.94g acetyl-carnatine – ALC My family owns and operates a small chocolate company so we have the equipment (think large stand mixers) to put all of the ingredients together. Please let me know if there is any interest to package and sell this as the official CrossFit Football supplement. Also please let me know if there are any other options to buy the supplements at a cheaper rate. This is simply an idea that popped into my head after reading the beginners guide and trying to put together the recommended supplements myself. If there is more interest we can definitely make this happen! Thanks! Kyle Travelet QNT Cost Total Grams Whey(g) Leucine(g) Taurine(g) Glutamine(g) phosphatidylserine(g) ALC(g) alpha GPC(g) Bulk Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey 1 289.99 20410 17000 2551.25 leucine 1 39.75 500 500.00 Taurine 3 66.81 3000 3000 Glutamine 3 98.82 3000 3000 Now Lecithin Gran (26.786) 9 121.68 4086 241.07 ALC 1 105.25 1250 1250 food container 14 70 per 2270kg (5lb) 14.21 55.78 2270.00 1196.74 214.80 211.19 211.19 16.97 88.00 0 per serving (50g) 644.92 1.23 50.00 26.36 4.73 4.65 4.65 0.37 1.94 0 Total Cost 792.3

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