Femelle Review

Femelle is a female libido enhancer that promises to enhance the intimacy between a woman and her partner. This product is available in two forms, the Femelle intimacy enhancer cream and capsules. Since the manufacturer of Femelle firmly believes that a woman’s sexual pleasure can be best achieved through focusing on the internal and external aspects of a sex, the use of Femelle cream and capsule should be used together to get the optimal results.

Aside from helping the woman to achieve the expected improvements, the Femelle cream as well works through boosting a woman’s clitoral sensitivity while the capsule works through enhancing the woman’s feelings towards sexual interest and desire. To achieve the desired results, a woman should simply apply a small amount of the Femellt cream directly to the clitoris before sexual intercourse. This will enable the body to absorb the cream thus immediate actions are achieved. For the supplements, the woman should take 2 capsules per day. It is advised that a woman takes these supplements before going to sleep or before the intercourse. Although the cream can directly give its effects, the pill on the other hand needs to take regularly for 2 to 4 weeks before getting any effects.

Just like other female libido enhancers, Femelle also has its positive and negative sides. First to be presented are the positive aspects of using this product. Femelle contains all natural ingredients thus giving women a safe and effective solution for the problems  they encounter with their sex life. It has also shown to cause no harmful side effects to the consumers of the product. A woman as well is given the chance to choose whether to use the cream or the supplements or both to get the desired results faster. If the woman can achieve her desired results of an increased in sexual desire and libido, it can boost as well the feelings and intimacy of the woman and her partner.

However, Femelle also has its drawbacks. First is although the product consists of natural ingredients, women may still experience hypersensitivity reactions or drug interactions while using this product. Plus, both the cream and supplements aren’t approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Furthermore, results and effects may as well vary from each woman. Lastly, the product as well has not been clinical tested and supported with any long time research and studies.

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