How to Remove Acne Scars from Your Face?

Acne scars formed during the healing process are commonly called post-acne by cosmetologists. Scars have a different shape and color – swellings and pits from pink and dark red to bluish shades. This problem is rather psychological, since it does not bear any medical consequences. Dissatisfaction with one’s appearance makes you wonder. Let’s discuss how to remove acne scars from your face?

There are several reasons for skin imperfections:

• Self-squeezing eels at home.
• The skin is further injured and takes longer to heal;
• failure to comply with hygiene standards for the care of skin;
• inflammatory processes at the site of acne formation provoke the appearance of scars;
• boils.

Such serious inflammation in most cases leaves visible traces on the skin.

How Acne Scars Are Formed?

The nature of scar formation is the same regardless of their location. A pimple is a pustule with a white or black head. After maturation, it bursts, the liquid filling it comes out and an open wound is formed. This wound requires disinfection with products intended for problem skin. Otherwise, it gets new bacteria that lead to scarring.

An important role in the healing of acne is played by the human immune system. A weakened immune system contributes to a long process of scarring and the emergence of new inflammatory foci.

Improper skin care and a weak immune system in 90% of cases are the cause of scarring after acne treatment.

Types of Scarring on The Face

There are several classifications of types of scars, but they all distinguish 3 main types:

Atrophic. Scarring in this case occurs due to a lack of collagen in the cells. Externally, it looks like small pits on the skin. Over the years, the atrophic scar becomes rougher due to reduced collagen production by the body.

Hypertrophic. A hypertrophic scar is formed when a large amount of connective tissue is released during the healing process of an eel. Externally, this scar is a small, dense growth of pinkish or red hue. Over time, hypertrophic scars may decrease in size.

Keloid type. A distinctive feature of this type of scar is the occupied area – it can be much larger than the original size of the eel. The process of scar formation is the same as that of the hypertrophic type. A distinctive feature is the high density of education and pale pink color.

Acne Scars: How to Remove Acne Scars from Your Face Using Medical Methods?

Modern medicine and cosmetology can offer people who are wondering how to get rid of facial scars from acne. several effective ways. Each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

• Remove with a laser;
• Using the procedure of median chemical peeling;
• Using deep phenolic peeling;
• Dermabrasions;
• Mesotherapies;
• Ozone therapy.

Each of the above methods needs to be described in detail.

Laser Scar Removal

To date, cosmetology can offer 2 ways to remove scars on the face from acne, using a laser:

• Traditional laser resurfacing.
• Fractional resurfacing.

Traditional sanding involves evaporation of water particles from the skin cells, after which the upper layer of the epidermis can be easily removed. In addition, the laser helps to increase the production of collagen – an important element for skin health.

During fractional grinding, skin cells are burned out in separate areas (fractions), which are subsequently filled with collagen.

• the ability to get rid of acne scars on the face and in the decollete area;
• the entire procedure takes 20-30 minutes;
• it is performed under local anesthesia;
• pinpoint effect on the affected areas of the skin, healthy cells are not damaged;
• short rehabilitation period.

Laser resurfacing is not possible during pregnancy, with sunburn and inflammation of the skin (dermatitis).

Middle Chemical Peeling

The procedure of median chemical peeling involves the destruction of the upper and middle layers of the epidermis. To get rid of acne scars, several peeling procedures are required at intervals of a month. For the procedure, a mixture of two acids is used – trichloroacetic and glycolic.

Peeling Is Performed In 3 Stages:

• Cleansing the skin from dead cells and dirt.
• Applying and removing the solution.
• Hydration and nutrition of the face.

After the procedure, regular use of moisturizers and sunscreens is necessary. Avoid prolonged exposure to the fresh air in frosty and windy weather. Contraindication to peeling is an allergic reaction to its components.

Deep Phenolic Peeling

The procedure of phenolic peeling can be called a last resort to remove acne scars on the face. It is carried out only after 40 years, as it has a deep effect on the skin.

In addition to scars, this way you can get rid of wrinkles, age spots and other age-related changes.

Phenolic peeling should only be trusted by a qualified doctor. Often the procedure is performed in stationary conditions.

The process of getting rid of the scar is quite painful. The doctor applies a solution of phenol to the previously cleansed skin, leaves it for 30-60 minutes, then removes it. Phenol stimulates the production of proteins necessary for skin renewal.

Recovery takes place without complications. The face requires careful care-daily nutrition and hydration.


Dermabrasion is a process of mechanical peeling of the skin. A special device with rotating brushes removes the upper layer of the epithelium. The operation is quite painful, so anesthesia is required. After the procedure, the skin looks erased, and edema may appear. Within a few days, a crust is formed, which falls off after a week.

Dermabrasion can remove small scars, and make large ones less noticeable. This procedure is not able to remove all the acne scars. If the base of the scar is wider, the operation may worsen the situation.

The recovery process takes several weeks, during which you will need to apply sunscreen.


Mesotherapy is a procedure for saturating the skin with vitamins and medicines. It is performed using subcutaneous injections. The procedure helps not only to remove scars after acne, but also to prevent the occurrence of new inflammatory processes.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a procedure based on the healing properties of ozone. Therapy involves the introduction of ozone under the skin with special needles, which has a favorable effect on blood circulation and regeneration.

The skin is tightened and smoothed under its action. The scar becomes the color of healthy skin and, if it does not disappear completely, it becomes inconspicuous.

To get the best result, you need to undergo a course of ozone therapy of 5-15 sessions.

Contraindications this type of struggle with scars does not have. The advantages are many – painlessness, lack of recovery period and complications, even allowed for pregnant and lactating women.

How to Remove Acne Scars from Your Face at Home?

If you are not a proponent of salon cosmetic procedures, you can always remove acne scars at home. There are several effective remedies for acne scars:

Cut lemon or juice from it, the damaged area of the epidermis is treated, after 10 minutes it is washed off with warm water.

Fresh cucumber juice or cucumber extract is applied to the face for 15 minutes, then washed off with water. Also, this remedy for acne scars successfully eliminates dark circles under the eyes.

Dilute a tablespoon of cosmetic clay with boiled water at room temperature to a porridge-like state, apply to the affected area or the entire face, hold until the clay dries and rinse with warm water. After the procedure, apply a nourishing cream.

After 2-3 months of regular use, the scars will become less noticeable.

Make masks 3-4 times a week and after some time you will get rid of skin imperfections forever.

Wiping and Washing the Face

Wiping with essential oils is also a reliable remedy for acne scars. Apply oils that have antiseptic properties-lavender, rosemary, avocado fruit.

Effective washing with vinegar solution. Apple cider vinegar is diluted with warm water in a ratio of 1:3.

Apply scrubs to fight scars should be carefully, so as not to aggravate the inflammatory processes.

The most effective scrub is considered to be made from crushed oat flakes and kefir. It is applied to the affected areas and left for 15 minutes, then washed off. This tool not only eliminates the existing traces of acne, but also prevents the possibility of new ones.

Home Peeling with Bodyaga

Peeling from the body with hydrogen peroxide is very effective for removing small scars.

Lightly massaging the peeling is applied to the face, avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave the peeling until completely dry, then thoroughly wash your face with warm water.

People with a sensitive skin type may experience a slight burning and tingling sensation during the procedure.

In addition to all of the above, the use of ointments for acne scars is effective at home. The most effective among them are contractubex, Mepiform and Bio-Oil.

It is known that squeezing out pimples leads to the formation of scars and scars on the face. The larger the scars and wounds from acne, the longer it will take to restore the skin to a smooth and silky state.



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