KetoSports KetoCaNa Dietary Ketone Supplement For Physical and Mental Performance, 10.75 oz. Natural Orange

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Every day you seek to be the most efficient version of yourself. So why pick sluggish carbohydrates as your first line of defense in an energy lull? Ketones are the body and brain’s preferred energy source, and are used first for energy demands. KetoCaNa meets these demands in three sugar, lactose and dairy-free flavors:

Sweet Orange
Tangy Strawberry Lemonade
Creamy Vanilla

Ketones are a super fuel that can be efficiently used by the muscles and brain, where they generate more energy per unit of oxygen than carbohydrates, protein, or fat. Consumption of exogenous ketones results in significant decreases in oxygen demand and increases in mental acuity and performance.

KetoCaNa contains 11.7 grams per serving of the ketone body Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) in a delicious, lightly-flavored orange base. It contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.

KetoCaNa is excellent for those who need energy but must limit carbohydrate intake. KetoCaNa may also be used by individuals who consume carbohydrates to provide an additional energy source and limit exercise induced glycogen depletion. It may also be used to ease transition into a ketogenic state by helping to alleviate the fatigue and lethargy some experience while making the transition from a glucose to a ketone metabolism.


1. For Diet Use: Use ketone supplements during transition from a carbohydrate to a ketone metabolism to fight ketoflu or to simply stave off hunger.

2. For Pre-workout Use: Use your ketone supplement 30 minutes before time of greatest demand. Since ketone levels peak at around 45 minutes and remain elevated for two to three hours, take dosing based on timing of highest need, i.e. beginning of workout, for energy to start vs end of workout, when you may be winded. We recommend taking one dose pre-workout and then mixing a 1/2 to full dose into the beverage you consume during your workout, as needed if your workout exceeds one hour.

3. For Ultra and Endurance Event Use: Use your ketone supplement both before and intra event. Since ketone levels peak at around 45 minutes and remain elevated for two to three hours, we recommend taking one dose pre-workout and then mixing another 1/2 to full dose into the beverage you consume during your workout. If you are an athlete not seeking keto-adaptation, you can also stack with a super starch, such as UCAN. This allows ketones to be used as energy first (the body uses these first, as they are the preferred source of energy) and then the super starch, or glucose source for secondary energy. We have a lot of triathletes, cyclists and ultra-runners who stack supplements in this way.

4. General Ketone Use/Focus: All exogenous ketone products induce ketosis within 10-20 minutes and keep blood ketone levels elevated for 2+ hours after

consumption (depending on energy expenditures). KetoCaNa and KetoForce can be utilized up to three times daily. KetoBlitz may be used up to four times per day.

5. Tips for Dosing: If you experience GI distress with the first use, this is normal and goes away within 2-3 uses. If this concerns you, or persists, please use a ½ dose and scale up to a full dose as tolerance increases.

KC FamilyKC Family

The Keto Brand That Started It All…

KetoSports offers a complete line of ketogenic and low-carb support products, allowing you to experience the benefits of ketone-based energy and performance.

From the original exogenous ketone supplement, KetoForce, to glucose blockers, MCT oil, ketone test strips and even keto-friendly cooking oil; KetoSports strives to be your comprehensive resource for all things low carb and ketogenic.


It’s time to upgrade…

This product is manufactured in the USA and is:

Paleo and Keto Friendly
Lactose & Dairy-Free
Contains NO Animal Byproducts
Gluten Free
NO Artificial Colors or Flavorings
NO Preservatives


11.7 grams of BHB delivered on demand.

KetoCaNa should be stirred vigorously into eight ounces of cold water until dissolved for best results.

Warning: Those not acclimated to ketone or MCT supplementation may experience GI upset with the first use of such products. These symptoms subside rather quickly and are usually completely absent within two dose


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We invite you to browse our line, read the research and check out some of the most effective ketone supplementation on the market.

Stay Ketone Powered, Friend.

LOW CARB, KETO AND PALEO-FRIENDLY: Our ketone supplements work great for those on the paleo or keto diet, allowing you to create delicious keto drinks that boost ketones immediately and allow you to get the boost you need to stay on top of your game.
BHB EXOGENOUS KETONES FOR PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE: Add to your pre-workout routing for a NATURAL AND STIMULANT-FREE energy source; This exogenous ketone supplement has a blend of ketone salts for sustained performance.
GET A BRAIN BOOST: Kickstart your power plays and promote mental acuity with a single dose. Find a new mental sharpness and level of productivity for the most critical of tasks.
START YOUR DAY WITH KETO DIET SUPPORT: Create a delicious beverage with our KetoCaNa drink mix and boost ketones while suppressing your appetite to promote keto diet support and perfect metabolic balance.

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