Serracor-NK & Serra-RX 260,000 SU – Scar Tissue Bundle (300 Capsules & 120 Capsules) – Enteric Coated Serrapeptase Proteolytic Systemic Enzyme, Respiratory & Lung Support

Price: $206.98 - $188.88
(as of May 05,2021 04:48:10 UTC – Details)

Your lungs are a vital organ. When you breathe in, red blood cells carry oxygen from your lungs to every cell in your body. Your heart, brain, and other organs need oxygen to do their job. Any type of damage or distress to your lungs can cause serious distress or discomfort.* SERRACOR-NK Known in particular for its support of healthy mucus production, Serracor-NK is a carefully formulated, comprehensive systemic enzyme blend designed to support maximum respiratory and fibrotic health. SERRACOR-NK contains the dual action formula SEBkinase, a combination of two potent fibrinolytic enzymes which have powerful synergistic effects. A carefully selected palette of additional enzymes, herb and minerals enhance SEBkinase to create a highly effective formula.* Enteric Coated Serrapeptase: known for its beneficial immune cell response. It was first found in silkworms, which used serrapeptase to dissolve their tough fibrous cocoons. Nattokinase: the active ingredient in an old Japanese folk remedy for cardiovascular support. SERRA RX 260 is an ultra powerful proteolytic serrapeptase enzyme formula that stands alone in supporting healthy fibrin, mucous and inflammation levels in the body. Serrapeptase, originally the enzyme derived from the intestine of silkworms and used to dissolve the cocoons, is long known for its ability to break down proteins. Our cutting edge enteric coating technology makes Serra RX 260 unique. We don’t use plastics or plastic capsules (phthalate free) in our enteric coatings to prevent health-related issues. Instead, we use Methacrylic Acid Copolymer (MAAC) a high quality, gastro-resistant, thoroughly safe enteric coating which allows the Serra RX 260 to reach the small intestine with higher activity to ensure maximum systemic enzyme therapy.

Promotes Healthy Respiratory, Sinus Function and Post Surgery Recovery*
Support Healthy Inflammatory Response & Fibrin Metabolism*
Minimize Formation of New & Existing Scar Tissue
Supports Sinus and Respiratory Build-Up of Mucus in Lung Conditions*

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