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Nourishment is the science of providing your body with the materials for energy, growth and rebuilding. ~ The Science of giving our bodies the essential elements for continued growth, energy,endurance and repair is termed Nourishment,
You may not know this, but your entire body renews every cell in it every seven years ~ At the end of every seven every cell in our bodies is renewed.
The different organs of your body renew at different speeds.~ All our organs renew at different speeds. For example, your stomach
lining is replaced every five days.~ Every five days the lining of your stomach is completely replaced. Your skin is completely renewed every month~ Once a month your skin is completely renewed your liver,
every six weeks, your brain, every two months~every two months your brain cells are renewed,your heart every a few months and so on.~ your heart takes about a few months to renew alone and so it is.
Everyone has read of natural vitamins and minerals.~ Natural vitamins and minerals are common put now. Natural vitamins are those things in your food produced by dwelling things that are essential for health. ~ These are elements in your food that are made by dwelling things like crops that are necessary for your continued good health. Scurvy, for example, is the result of a
vitamin C deficiency and can be lethal if no vitamin C is equipped.~ The end result of a vitamin C deficiency is that you can get scurvy and this can guide to your demise, if you do not take Vitamin C.

Indeed, between 1500 and
1800, scurvy was the leading cause of death aboard ships, killing more sailors than all other diseases, disasters, and battles combined.~ The main reason for death aboard ships during the period between 1500 and 1800 was scurvy, killing more people than all other diseases and fighting.
Minerals are those things that are not manufactured by dwelling things, but are necessary
in small or large amounts for your health.~ Minerals on the other hand are elements not made by dwelling things but are still necessary in trace amounts for perfect health. For example for strong bones and enamel we need Calcium.~ Calcium, for instance, builds strong bones and enamel.
Magnesium also builds strong bones and enamel~ Magnesium is also need in this regard and is necessary for the normal functioning of~ and is needed for the proper working of
your heart, muscles and kidneys.
Iodine is necessary for your thyroid gland to regulate
metabolism, growth and improve the effectiveness of other hormones.~ In order that your thyroid gland take care of metabolism,Iodine is needed. Iodine is also necessary to enhance the effectiveness of other hormones and growth.
In the nineteen nineties, antioxidants turned popular after research discovered that cells are
damaged and age when substances that have lost an electron, free radicals steal an electron from other material in the cells, thus making the cells unstable, age and die.
Just as a fireplace is speeded up by providing oxygen to it, your cells burn up faster when
oxidants ,free radicals ,attack them.~ Your cells are ruined faster when these free radicals which attack them, in very much the same way as a fireplace burns brighter when oxygen is provided Anti-oxidants simply provide enough extra electrons to turn off these free radicals by giving the needed electrons.~ The necessary needed electrons is equipped by anti oxidants thus these free radicals are turned off. Thus anti-oxidants gradual down
aging and help reduce swelling. ~ In this way anti oxidants provide the gasoline to get rid of swelling and thus gradual down aging Antioxidants have become so important that the discovery
of new kinds is frequently reported in the press.~ The press is always reporting new anti oxidants that become available daily as they are now so necessary.

Now there is something so completely innovative that it actually received the Nobel Prize
for Drugs in October 2012: stem cells. ~Recently stem cells received the Nobel Prize in October 2012 for Drugs. Stem cells are cells that can become different types of cells, ~ Cells that can become any type of cells are called stem cellsfor instance a stem cell might become a brain cell or nerve cell. Other stem cells might
become liver cells, heart cells or cells of other organs. This is how the one cell of a fertilized
egg can become the entire body, eyes, stomach, skin, hair, etc.~ In this way a cell of a fertilized egg can become any cell of the different parts of the body. In addition to becoming various
types of cells, ~Also not only becoming different kinds of cells stem cells also have the ability to renew themselves throughout the life of the
body.~ During the life span of the body stem cells can also renew themselves
Stem cell treatment has been of great interest because experts and doctors realize that stem cells might be able to recreate failing and diseased parts of the body.~ Stem cell research and treatment has stirred a lot of enthusiasm from experts and doctors as it has been realised that stem cells can recreate diseased organs and other body parts. As an example in 2010,
surgeons in the United Kingdom gave an 11 year-old boy a brand new trachea the airway in the
throat ~ A good example of this is when doctors in England equipped a youthful boy with a new airway in the throat known as the trachea that was grown entirely from his own stem cells. ~ grown entirely from the boy’s own stem cells.
Two years afterwards, at the age of 13, the
boy was well, happy and did not need any drugs to prevent his body from rejecting that implant because it was actually grown from his own cells.~ After two years the boy was checked and found to be quite happy and well, his body not rejecting at all the new trachea, because it was developed from his own stem cells.

Laminine is a new supplement and is produced from partially incubated, fertilized hen eggs and contains a special combination of amino acids, peptides, and protein fractions that could help provide an incredible array of health benefits when consumed by humans. In theory, these partially incubated, fertilized eggs – specifically 9-day-old fertilized eggs, contain all the nutrients required to start a new life. This includes natural vitamins, minerals and proteins, as well as important defense factors, growth factors, hormones and other biologically lively components.


may help with the following..e
Maintain healthy cortisol levels for a stress free life
Regulate serotonin levels To keep you in a good and happy mood
Reduce actual physical and mental stress
Promote more restful sleep
Build collagen for much healthier skin
Reduce signs of normal aging
Improve emotional balance
Enjoy faster post workout recovery
Enhance muscle tone and strength
Improve stamina, energy and vitality
Increase alertness
Aid in brain function and exercise
Increase actual physical and mental strength
Improve focus
Increase libido/sexual desire
Encourage natural DHEA production
Improve the overall perception of

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