Thrifty Tips For Your Thanksgiving Table

This year the Fall colors are so amazing.

I was just playing outside with my daughter Zara and thought to myself how thankful I am for having her in my life and how great it is that I can share the beautiful season with her. She’s 2 and is learning her colors right now, so all the fall colors gave us a chance to talk about all of the beautiful, perfect colors that nature creates.

So with the colorful Fall season comes Thanksgiving. A wonderful time to celebrate with family and friends. Unfortunately with the average Thanksgiving dinner costing 12% more this year than last, we may need to watch our pocketbooks when it comes to planning our Thanksgiving dinner.

So with that said and with Turkey Day just around the corner here a few thrifty tips for your Thanksgiving table…

1) Plan ahead and make a menu: Make a list of everything you’ll need for your Thanksgiving bash. Try to stick to the list and don’t stray. Shop for the non-perishable items on your list when they are on sale. Making a menu really keeps you on track, plus you don’t end up buying ingredients that you don’t need and won’t use.

2) Use what you have in your pantry. Check your pantry before you head to the store.

3) Don’t do all of the cooking yourself: Once you’ve planned out your menu, ask your family and friends to all make a particular dish. This way you aren’t cooking all day and everyone can enjoy the party.

4) Make your dessert from scratch: Dessert ingredients are super cheap, yet buying ready-made desserts can be expensive. Try making your own pumpkin pie, cookies or apple pie. Plus everyone loves home-made desserts; so you’ll score a few points with your family and friends.

5) Re-use your seasonal decorations each year: Buy seasonal decorations when they are on sale. I just saw a Halloween costumes on sale at Target for $3 a piece WOW! Store your decorations neatly in a plastic storage box and re-use them each season.

6) Buy neutral table décor: If you want to avoid the season specific decorations but still want a pretty table, use neutral décor like cream napkins and candles that can be used all year round.

7) Make the dollar store your new best friend: Use the dollar store to buy some decorations, napkins etc…you’d be surprised at the selection they have these days. If you have kids, get them involved. It is a great way to get them thinking creatively.

8) Avoid disposable dishes: I know there may be lots of dishes, but buying disposable roasting pans, cups, plates etc. really adds up price-wise and let’s face it; it isn’t very stylish. If you really hate doing dishes as much as I do, get the guys and the kids to do the dishes.

9) Creative alcohol tips: Alcohol is expensive so try having just one cocktail instead of a full range of drinks. This year I’m doing a Pomegranate Cocktail. Mix some pomegranate juice with simple syrup and sparkling white wine. Rachel Ray suggests having a Thanksgiving party with BYOB. Great idea, this way people tend to bring what they like drinking and everyone is happy.

10) Enjoy yourself: Thanksgiving is about being grateful for all we have. I have lived all over the world and America definitely is a country of abundance. We should all be thankful for that. Don’t panic about every little detail and enjoy some good food and, most importantly, enjoy your family and friends.

Source by Suzanne Cheek

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