Yummy Quintessential Indian Dish – Sambar

Food with high nutritional benefits aids us to evade the risk of ailments. A common notion which is prevailing among people is that a highly nutritious food would not taste or smell good. The pre-conceived notion about nutritious foods can be broken down by typical Indian lentil based delectable vegetable gravy called “SAMBAR”.

The Lentil soup – Sambar cooked with vegetables, tomatoes, onions, garlic, curry leaves and tamarind water along with spice enhancers such as chilli powder, coriander powder & salt; and seasoned with taste & flavor enhancers such as mustard, asafoetida, fenugreek, cumin seeds, ghee and coriander leaves. This unique blend of nutrients makes Sambar a highly nutritious food on the palate with a good source of protein, folate, vitamins, irons, potassium etc.

Sambar’s unique ingredients combination balances the downsides of each other Sambar ingredients. Flatulence & bloating seldom would be the downside effect of protein, folate & dietary fiber rich Legume- without which Sambar is not possible, will be taken care by garlic and asafoetida which are blessed to mankind to overcome gastric problems.

Any other form of digestive problems that is not controlled by garlic or asafoetida like constipation, indigestion, stomach ache, piles etc can be overcome by fenugreek and cumin seeds with high medicinal properties and when taken continuously would help us to maintain good metabolism. Sambar is made more nutritious by adding vegetables which are rich sources of calcium, minerals, vitamins, iron, potassium etc,. Curry leaves added along with the vegetable is a good source of Iron and is predominately used to prevent premature grey hair. Anti – oxidant Mustard seeds and anti – inflammatory turmeric powder are added to enhance flavor, color and nutritional benefits to Sambar. Taste and flavor enhancement of Sambar is done by adding some ghee which, will act as a stimulant for digestive acids secretion and also will help to absorb fat soluble vitamins from other foods. Garnishing is done by coriander leaves which are rich source of thiamine, vitamin C & niacin. In addition to the above benefits Sambar’s good Glycemic Index will slow down the digestion and absorption resulting in gradual increase in blood sugar and insulin level.

Tasty, yummy, delicious, lip smacking, quintessential Indian dish called Sambar is used as a side dish to dip for breakfast dishes such as rotis, dhokla, iddli, dosa, pongal, vadai etc and as a main starter to mix with rice for lunch and dinner, An amateur cook can make delicious Sambar easily by combining spices, salt, and tamarind in a correct proportion along with the above told other ingredients. Perfect spice blend off the shelf readymade Sambar powder available in market will aid you in easy and delicious Sambar preparation.

Source by Sandhya Karthik Kanna

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